Kensington Neighbors, San Diego

The city of San Diego has installed a new pedestrian crosswalk eight months after a 6-year-old child died in a car accident at a busy intersection in Kensington.

The 6-year-old child died when the car he was traveling in was T-boned at the intersection of Adams Avenue and Biona Drive, flipping the car onto a fire hydrant.

Since the fatal collision, CBS 8 has been working to help the neighbors get a stop sign, something they have been requesting from the city for years.

The images and cries for help in Kensington after the child's death in March are still painful.

"Every time I pass by here, I am filled with tears, it's hard," said KJ Rogge. CBS 8 spoke with neighbors and people who work in the neighborhood.

"People don't slow down and when you walk, you basically fear for your life because they don't stop," said Tabbi Cagen, a Diesel salon employee.

CBS 8 has attended vigils and demonstrations calling for safety measures.

"They went straight through the stop sign," said a neighbor in April.

Throughout the months, CBS 8 has shared a campaign to slow down drivers and has shown photos that neighbors have taken over the years of accidents at this intersection. Additionally, neighbors have submitted several requests through the "Get It Done" app asking for a four-way stop sign at the accident location.

"I think the city needs to analyze what the best solution is. Is it a stop sign? Is it a caution light? Is it a pedestrian crosswalk? What will keep the traffic moving but everyone safe?" asked Bonnie New.

The President of the City Council of San Diego, Sean Elo-Rivera, listened with tears in his eyes to his constituents.

"I live in the neighborhood, I have a two-month-old child at home and when that child died, my wife was pregnant, it was devastating for me. I thought about walking with my family, it excites me to think about it now, we want to feel safe," said Elo-Rivera.

The new father claims that he worked with members of the Kensington community and the city's Department of Transportation on a traffic safety study and found that, after evaluation, it met the criteria for a pedestrian crosswalk with rapid flashing lights.

Elo-Rivera says that when he learned that the city did not have funds to install the pedestrian crosswalk, he used the dollars from the Community Projects and Services Program in his district to pay for the $12,000 needed to complete the project.

"It has definitely made a difference," said Rogge.

The pedestrian crosswalk was installed last week and although many drivers are slowing down and stopping, not everyone is paying attention.

"It's really devastating to constantly see the memorial and for people to still be inconsiderate," said Ady Gaxiola.

She says that the pedestrian crosswalk is a start, but she wants more to be done.

She is disappointed that the city's evaluation for a four-way stop sign and traffic reduction measures did not meet the city's criteria.

"I think it's quite absurd. How many more people do we have to lose at this intersection and how many more accidents have to happen to meet the criteria?" asked Gaxiola.

Elo-Rivera's office shared the city's traffic study that details why it says a four-way stop sign or traffic reduction measures did not meet the criteria.

The study says that teams evaluated the traffic on Adams Avenue between Biona Drive and 42nd Street over a 24-hour period and found that, on average, drivers were traveling at the maximum allowed speed, which is 25 mph.

It also says that the stop sign facing traffic on Biona Drive properly establishes the right of way.

Elo-Rivera says that the city has already repainted the worn pedestrian crossings on Adams Avenue and his office is working with the city to paint a red curb on Biona Drive and Adams Avenue. He is also working with the principal of Franklin Elementary School to install a new "School" sign and a "No U-turn" sign near the school.

The San Diego Police Department says that the cause of the accident was a violation of the right of way and they have referred the case to the city attorney for review.

Location: Adams Ave & Biona Dr, San Diego, CA 92116, USA

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