Accident in Hollywood, Los Angeles

The renowned actor from "Succession" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Alan Ruck, was involved in a shocking multi-vehicle collision in Hollywood on Tuesday night, which resulted in his van crashing into a local pizzeria.

According to reports, the actor was talking on his cell phone at the scene of the accident. Several witnesses reported the crash, which involved multiple vehicles, one of which crashed into a building on the 1600 block of La Brea Avenue, according to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Images from the scene showed the front part of Ruck's van embedded in the building that houses Raffallo's Pizza, near the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood Boulevard. Two severely damaged sedans lay in the middle of the intersection; one of them apparently was rear-ended before crashing into the driver's side of the other car.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported that a 32-year-old man was transported to a hospital in unknown condition. Additionally, an ambulance was called for two individuals: a 40-year-old woman complaining of arm pain and a 25-year-old man who sustained unspecified injuries.

Although a police report was filed at the scene of the accident, no citations or arrests were announced. The Urban Search and Rescue team from the Fire Department assessed the building and the van before attaching the rear of the vehicle to a chain and removing it from the building. Officials from the Department of Building and Safety also responded to the crash site to determine the condition of the building for occupancy, as reported by the firefighters.

It is still unknown if drug or alcohol consumption was a factor in the collision, and the cause of the accident remains under investigation. Alan Ruck, with an acting career dating back to the 1980s, is known for iconic roles such as Cameron Frye in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986), Stuart Bondek in the series "Spin City," and Connor Roy in the HBO series "Succession."

Location: 1600 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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