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Whitmore, an unincorporated community nestled in the forested expanse of Shasta County, California, provides a tranquil setting that contrasts sharply with bustling city landscapes. Known for its close-knit community and rural charm, Whitmore serves as a serene escape for those looking to enjoy the simpler aspects of nature and small-town life.


As of 2023, Whitmore is home to approximately 340 residents, reflecting a modest increase from the 311 individuals recorded in the 2020 census. This community has seen consistent growth over the years, maintaining a steady pace in its population size, characterized by a dense rural setting with a population density of about 52 people per square mile​​.


Whitmore displays a diverse demographic profile with a population that includes about 83% White, 2% Asian, and smaller percentages of other races. The Hispanic or Latino population constitutes roughly 6% of the total. The community is balanced in gender distribution and shows a varied age range, with a significant portion of the population being over the age of 65, reflecting its appeal among retirees​​.

Points of Interest

  1. Whitmore Store: The Whitmore Store is not just a convenience for the local residents; it’s a centerpiece of community life. Functioning as both a gas station and a general store, it offers a range of basic supplies from groceries to hardware. Its rustic charm epitomizes the rural character of Whitmore, making it a popular spot not only for shopping but also for catching up on local news and connecting with neighbors.
  2. The Way Station: Known for its eclectic mix of antiques and consignment items, The Way Station is a haven for collectors and history buffs. The store features a wide array of unique items, from vintage furniture and decor to rare collectibles. It attracts visitors looking for distinctive pieces and serves as a testament to the community’s appreciation of history and craftsmanship.
  3. Whitmore Grace Community Church: As a key spiritual and community hub, Whitmore Grace Community Church plays a vital role in unifying the residents. It offers regular worship services and hosts numerous community activities, including charity events, social gatherings, and youth programs. The church’s involvement goes beyond spiritual services, as it actively participates in improving community life and supporting residents in need.
  4. Whitmore Seventh-Day Adventist Church: This church is another cornerstone of spiritual life in Whitmore. It provides a range of religious services and community-oriented activities, fostering a supportive network among its congregation. The church’s programs often focus on health, family life, and community service, reflecting its commitment to the holistic well-being of its members.
  5. Local Schools: While Whitmore itself may not have extensive educational facilities, it places high value on education, with several schools located in neighboring areas. These schools cater to the educational needs of Whitmore’s children, offering curricula that sometimes incorporate local culture and community values. This arrangement reinforces the community’s commitment to nurturing its young residents.
  6. Annual Events: Whitmore is renowned for its vibrant local events which celebrate the community’s culture and rural lifestyle. These events include seasonal festivals, agricultural fairs, and craft shows, which not only bring the community together but also attract visitors from surrounding areas. They are a showcase of local talent and hospitality, and play a crucial role in maintaining the community’s spirit.
  7. Natural Surroundings: The natural landscapes surrounding Whitmore are a rich resource for outdoor enthusiasts. The local forests are ideal for hiking, bird watching, and wildlife observation, providing a serene escape into nature. These areas are easily accessible and are cherished by residents for their beauty and tranquility.
  8. Farming and Agriculture: Agriculture is a significant aspect of life in Whitmore, with many residents engaged in small-scale farming. The region supports a variety of agricultural activities, which include growing local produce and raising livestock. This not only contributes to a sustainable lifestyle but also strengthens the community’s economic base.
  9. Local Artisans: Whitmore boasts a community of artisans who contribute to its cultural richness. These local craftsmen and craftswomen produce a diverse range of products, from homemade jams and baked goods to custom-made furniture and decorative items. Their work is not only a source of income but also a reflection of the community’s creative spirit.
  10. Community Gatherings: Regular community gatherings are integral to Whitmore’s social fabric. Whether it’s meetings at the local hall, outdoor picnics, or holiday celebrations, these events provide a platform for residents to bond, share experiences, and collaborate on community projects. They foster a strong sense of belonging and mutual support among the residents.

Neighboring Cities

  1. Oak Run (approximately 12 miles away): Oak Run is a charming community nestled among rolling hills and lush forests. It is particularly celebrated for its stunning natural landscapes that offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Hiking, fishing, and horseback riding are popular among locals and visitors alike, who are drawn to the serene beauty of the area. Oak Run also hosts several annual events that celebrate its rural heritage and tight-knit community, making it a picturesque escape for those looking to enjoy the tranquility of nature.
  2. Shingletown (approximately 18 miles away): Often referred to as “The Gateway to Lassen,” Shingletown serves as a primary access point to Lassen Volcanic National Park, one of California’s natural treasures. This proximity to the park makes Shingletown a popular destination for tourists eager to explore the unique geological features and diverse ecosystems within the volcanic landscape. The town itself maintains a rustic charm, with small local businesses and eateries that cater to both the adventurous spirit and those seeking relaxation amidst mountain scenery.
  3. Millville (approximately 20 miles away): Millville acts as a crucial hub for residents of Whitmore and surrounding areas, offering amenities and services that are not available in smaller communities. From grocery stores and medical facilities to dining options and specialty shops, Millville supports a more suburban lifestyle while still retaining a sense of rural community. It is also home to several parks and recreational facilities, providing spaces for community gatherings, family outings, and various public events. For many in Whitmore, Millville is an essential part of daily life, supplying both necessities and opportunities for leisure.


Whitmore exemplifies the charm and tranquility of rural California living. With its close-knit community, array of local attractions, and serene environment, it stands as a cherished locale for those seeking a peaceful life close to nature. This snapshot of Whitmore offers a glimpse into the life of a community that prides itself on its simplicity and natural beauty, providing a welcoming atmosphere for both long-time residents and newcomers alike.


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