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West Sacramento, located in Yolo County, California, presents a unique blend of growth, demographics, and attractions. As a moderately growing city, it has experienced significant changes over the past few decades, shaping its identity within the Sacramento metropolitan area.


As of mid-2023, West Sacramento’s population is approximately 55,210. This represents a modest increase from the 53,637 recorded in 2022. The city has grown by 67.3% since 2000, marking a steady upward trajectory in population growth. The density of the city stands at around 2,572 people per square mile, reflecting its status as a moderately dense urban area​​​​.


West Sacramento displays a diverse demographic profile. The racial composition is primarily White (66.3%), with significant Asian (10.7%) and Hispanic (30.1%) communities. The city also includes Black (5.3%), Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (1.1%), and American Indian (0.4%) populations. Notably, 41.5% of residents speak a non-English language at home, indicating a rich linguistic diversity. In terms of education, a majority of the adult population (83.6%) has at least a high school degree, with 29.4% holding a bachelor’s degree and 9.9% possessing a graduate or professional degree. The city’s labor force participation rate is about 65.2%, with a notable 23.8% of residents employed by the government​​​​.

Employment and Income

Employment in West Sacramento is varied, with a significant portion of the workforce engaged in management, business, financial, computer, and mathematical occupations. The median household income is estimated at $70,699, with a 7.3% unemployment rate among those 16 or older. Interestingly, women earn approximately 84.8% of what men earn, highlighting a gender pay gap in the city​​​​.

Points of Interest

West Sacramento is teeming with attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. Here are ten notable points of interest that showcase the city’s cultural, recreational, and natural beauty:

  1. Raley Field: Home to the Sacramento River Cats, a minor league baseball team, Raley Field offers exciting games and events throughout the season. It’s a great spot for sports enthusiasts and families alike.
  2. The Barn: This unique and historic structure has been repurposed into a vibrant marketplace with restaurants, breweries, and artisanal shops. It’s a popular destination for foodies and shoppers.
  3. Crocker Art Museum: Located just across the river in Sacramento, this renowned museum houses an impressive collection of art, spanning from traditional to contemporary. It’s a cultural gem within easy reach of West Sacramento residents.
  4. River Walk Park: With its scenic walking trails and picturesque views of the Sacramento River, this park is a serene spot for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s ideal for picnics, birdwatching, and leisurely strolls.
  5. Old Sacramento: This historic district, a short drive away, offers a glimpse into California’s past. Explore cobbled streets, visit museums, and enjoy riverboat cruises for a dose of nostalgia.
  6. Delta King Riverboat: Docked in Old Sacramento, the Delta King is a unique floating hotel and restaurant. It’s a charming venue for a romantic dinner or an overnight stay.
  7. Clarksburg Wine Country: Just south of West Sacramento lies the Clarksburg Wine Country, known for its boutique wineries and vineyards. Wine enthusiasts can indulge in tastings and scenic drives.
  8. West Sacramento Farmers Market: Held regularly, this market is a hub for fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local crafts. It’s a fantastic place to support local businesses and enjoy community gatherings.
  9. Southport Town Center: A thriving commercial area, the Southport Town Center offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options, making it a convenient hub for residents.
  10. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: Nature lovers can explore this expansive wildlife refuge, known for birdwatching and seasonal migrations. It provides a tranquil escape from the urban bustle.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Sacramento, California: Sacramento is the state capital of California and is located just across the Sacramento River from West Sacramento. It is a bustling metropolitan city known for its historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and a thriving arts scene. Visitors can explore the California State Capitol Building, visit the Crocker Art Museum, or enjoy the lively atmosphere of Old Sacramento. The city also offers a diverse culinary scene and numerous parks and recreational opportunities.
  2. Davis, California: Davis is situated to the west of West Sacramento and is known for its vibrant college-town atmosphere. Home to the University of California, Davis, the city has a strong focus on education and research. It boasts a bicycle-friendly culture, with an extensive network of bike lanes and paths. Davis is also renowned for its farmers’ markets, community events, and the arboretum at UC Davis, making it a charming and eco-conscious community.
  3. Woodland, California: To the northwest of West Sacramento lies the city of Woodland. It is the county seat of Yolo County and has a rich agricultural heritage. Woodland is known for its historic downtown, which features well-preserved Victorian-era buildings. The city hosts the Yolo County Fair, an annual event celebrating agriculture and community spirit. Woodland is also home to various parks, golf courses, and recreational facilities, making it a family-friendly city with a strong sense of community.


West Sacramento, with its dynamic population growth, diverse demographics, and array of attractions, stands as a vibrant part of Yolo County. The city’s steady development, coupled with its cultural and historical richness, makes it an intriguing and inviting destination in California.


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