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San Juan Bautista, a small city in San Benito County, California, is a place of historical significance and diverse demographics. This summary provides an in-depth look at its population, demographics, and points of interest, offering a comprehensive portrait of this unique community.


As of 2023, San Juan Bautista has a population of approximately 2,186 people, representing a growth rate of 1.41% since 2020. This growth reflects the city’s appeal as a residential area. The average household size is 2.75, indicative of family-oriented living​​. The city’s employment rate is noteworthy, with a total employment to population rate of 65.20%. Employment is distributed across various age groups and ethnicities, with notable participation in both white-collar and blue-collar jobs​​.


San Juan Bautista is celebrated for its diverse population. White residents make up 37% of the population, while the Hispanic community is significant at 50%. Other ethnicities, including Asian and Black residents, contribute to the city’s multicultural fabric. The median age in the city is 40.2 years, indicating a balanced mix of young and older residents. The economic landscape of San Juan Bautista is stable, with an average household income of $99,465 and a median household income of $92,404. Education is a priority, with a significant percentage of residents holding high school diplomas and college degrees​​​​.

Points of Interest

San Juan Bautista offers a treasure trove of historical, cultural, and natural attractions that draw inquisitive visitors and provide a source of pride for its residents. Here are ten points of interest that exemplify the city’s unique charm:

  1. Mission San Juan Bautista: The centerpiece of the city, this historic mission, founded in 1797, is one of the largest and most beautifully preserved in California. Its stunning architecture, serene gardens, and museum allow visitors to step back in time and learn about California’s mission era.
  2. Plaza Hotel: This well-preserved adobe hotel dates back to 1856 and now serves as a museum. It offers a glimpse into the past, showcasing the living conditions of early Californians and their way of life.
  3. Old Juan Bautista Cemetery: This cemetery holds the remains of early settlers and is a poignant reminder of the city’s history. It’s a quiet place to reflect on the past and pay homage to those who came before.
  4. Anzar House: This beautiful historic residence, built in 1830, is a fine example of Mexican-era architecture. Visitors can explore its unique design and learn about its history.
  5. San Juan Bautista State Historic Park: Covering over 15 acres, this park houses many of the city’s historic buildings, providing a comprehensive look at life in the 19th century. It’s an ideal spot for history enthusiasts.
  6. Mission Vineyard: Located adjacent to the Mission, this vineyard produces high-quality wine grapes and is open for tours and tastings. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy California’s wine culture.
  7. San Juan Bautista Art Gallery: Featuring the work of local artists, this gallery showcases the city’s vibrant artistic community. It’s a hub for creativity and cultural expression.
  8. San Juan Bautista Birding Center: Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this birding center, offering a chance to observe a variety of bird species in their natural habitat.
  9. Music and Cultural Events: San Juan Bautista hosts numerous music festivals and cultural events throughout the year, celebrating its diverse heritage and fostering community unity.
  10. Local Eateries: The city boasts a selection of charming restaurants and cafes that serve both traditional and contemporary cuisine. Visitors can savor delicious meals while enjoying the city’s ambiance.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Hollister, California: Hollister is located to the north of San Juan Bautista and serves as the county seat of San Benito County. It is the largest city in the county and offers a mix of historic charm and modern amenities. Hollister is known for its vibrant downtown area, annual motorcycle rally (Hollister Independence Rally), and a variety of recreational opportunities, including nearby state parks and outdoor activities.
  2. Aromas, California: Aromas is a small, unincorporated community situated to the northwest of San Juan Bautista. Nestled amidst picturesque agricultural landscapes, Aromas exudes a tranquil, rural atmosphere. The town is renowned for its close-knit community, agricultural heritage, and local farms that offer fresh produce and other artisanal goods.
  3. Tres Pinos, California: Located to the east of San Juan Bautista, Tres Pinos is another charming unincorporated community in San Benito County. It is known for its scenic beauty and proximity to the Tres Pinos Creek, which provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and picnicking. The town has a relaxed, country feel and is a popular spot for those seeking a quieter way of life.


San Juan Bautista, with its rich history and diverse community, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern living. The city’s steady population growth, diverse demographics, and range of attractions make it a fascinating place to live and visit. This blend of historical significance and contemporary community dynamics makes San Juan Bautista a noteworthy and charming city in California.

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