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San Gabriel is a city located in Los Angeles County, California, USA. As of the last census in 2010, the city had a population of approximately 39,000 residents. Over the years, the population has seen a steady growth, with projections estimating close to 41,000 residents currently residing in the city. San Gabriel covers an area of around 4.1 square miles.

San Gabriel is a diverse city, with a rich cultural heritage. The city has a predominantly Asian population, particularly Chinese and Southeast Asian communities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 61% of the residents are of Asian descent, while around 31% are Hispanic or Latino. The remaining portion includes various other ethnic groups, including Caucasian and African American. San Gabriel is known for its cultural diversity, which is evident through its diverse array of businesses, restaurants, and festivals.

Points of Interest:
1. San Gabriel Mission: The San Gabriel Mission is an iconic historical landmark and one of the oldest in California. Founded in 1771, it played a significant role in the expansion of Spanish colonization in the region. The mission features a beautiful church, museum, and picturesque gardens, serving as a cultural and educational hub for visitors and locals alike.

2. San Gabriel Square: Known as the “Great Mall of China,” San Gabriel Square is a vibrant shopping center catering to the Asian community. It offers a vast array of shops, markets, and restaurants, providing visitors a unique and immersive cultural experience. Here, one can find everything from Asian groceries and herbal medicine stores to delicious authentic Asian cuisine.

3. Vincent Lugo Park: Vincent Lugo Park is a scenic and well-maintained public park, offering residents and visitors a range of recreational activities. The park features playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and a community center. It serves as an ideal location for family outings, leisurely walks, and organized sports activities.

4. San Gabriel Valley Medical Center: San Gabriel is home to the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, a renowned healthcare facility offering comprehensive medical services to the community. The medical center provides state-of-the-art emergency care, surgical procedures, and specialized medical treatments, ensuring the well-being of residents.

5. International Dumpling Festival: San Gabriel hosts the annual International Dumpling Festival, a celebration of diverse cultures and culinary delights. The festival showcases an impressive variety of dumplings from various cuisines, ranging from Chinese and Korean to Mexican and Italian. Visitors are treated to live performances, cultural exhibitions, and a delightful food market, making it a highlight of the year.

6. San Gabriel Mission Playhouse: The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse is another architectural gem in the city. Built-in 1927, the theater showcases a variety of performing arts, including plays, musicals, concerts, and dance performances. With its stunning Spanish Colonial Revival style and excellent acoustics, the Playhouse offers a memorable and enriching cultural experience.

In conclusion, San Gabriel, CA, is a vibrant city with a growing population and a unique cultural landscape. Its diverse population contributes to its rich heritage and offers a plethora of cultural experiences, gastronomic delights, and historical landmarks. From the iconic San Gabriel Mission to the lively San Gabriel Square, the city provides residents and visitors with a vibrant tapestry of attractions, making it a must-visit location in Southern California.


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