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Pomona is a vibrant and diverse city located in Los Angeles County, California, USA. As of 2020, the estimated population of Pomona is around 153,000, making it the seventh largest city in the county. Over the years, Pomona has seen steady growth in population due to its welcoming environment, accessibility to major highways, and affordable housing.

Pomona is an incredibly diverse city, reflecting the multicultural fabric of Southern California. According to the latest data, the population is comprised of various ethnicities and backgrounds. The largest ethnic group in Pomona is Hispanic or Latino, making up around 71% of the population. There is also a significant African American population, comprising about 15%, followed by White and Asian communities. This cultural mosaic makes Pomona an inclusive and culturally rich place to live.

Points of Interest:
1. Fairplex: One of the most prominent attractions in Pomona is the Fairplex, a multi-purpose event venue that hosts one of the largest county fairs in the United States. The Fairplex comprises multiple exhibition halls, livestock arenas, carnival rides, and the prestigious Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, which hosts NHRA drag racing events. The fairgrounds also offer year-round events like concerts, trade shows, and food festivals.

2. The Mission Inn Museum: Located in the heart of Pomona’s historic downtown, The Mission Inn Museum showcases the rich architectural heritage of the city. Built in 1916, this Spanish-Mediterranean revival style building was originally a First National Bank branch. Today, it exhibits various artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia that chronicle the history of Pomona and its surrounding regions. The museum also hosts educational programs, guided tours, and community events.

3. Pomona College: Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Pomona College is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts institutions. Established in 1887, it is ranked consistently among the top liberal arts colleges in the United States. The campus boasts beautiful historic buildings, scenic landscapes, and excellent academic programs. Pomona College also contributes significantly to the city’s cultural scene, offering various lectures, art exhibitions, and performances open to the community.

4. Pomona Valley Mining Company: Overlooking the city, the Pomona Valley Mining Company is a unique restaurant with stunning panoramic views. Housed in what was previously an operating mine, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience where visitors can enjoy delicious cuisine while relishing breathtaking surroundings. The Mining Company also hosts private events and weddings, making it an unforgettable location for special occasions.

5. Ganesha Park: For nature lovers, Ganesha Park provides a tranquil oasis within the city. Spanning over 18 acres, the park offers lush green spaces, picnic areas, sports fields, and recreational facilities. The park is named after the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha, and features a bronze statue in his honor. Ganesha Park is a popular destination for families, fitness enthusiasts, and community gatherings.

In conclusion, Pomona, California, is a thriving city with a diverse population and a range of attractions. From the excitement of the Fairplex to the historical significance of the Mission Inn Museum and the academic excellence of Pomona College, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether exploring the cultural heritage of the region or enjoying the serene beauty of Ganesha Park, Pomona offers its residents and visitors a captivating and fulfilling experience.


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