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Monrovia, a picturesque city located in Los Angeles County, California, has a population of approximately 36,590 (as of 2019). Nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, this charming city covers an area of 13.7 square miles, offering residents and visitors a mix of small-town charm and modern amenities.


Monrovia boasts a diverse demographic profile, with a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds represented within its population. According to the latest census data, the city is predominantly inhabited by individuals of Hispanic or Latino origin, making up around 52% of the total population. Non-Hispanic white residents account for approximately 32% of Monrovia’s population, while Asians make up around 10%. African Americans and individuals of other races each constitute around 2-3% of the population.

Points of Interest:

1. Old Town Monrovia: The heart and soul of the city, Old Town Monrovia is a charming and vibrant area that offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Its tree-lined streets are dotted with historic buildings, boutique shops, cozy cafes, and a wide array of dining options. With regular street fairs and farmers’ markets, Old Town Monrovia is an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culture.

2. Monrovia Canyon Park: This 1,416-acre nature preserve provides a peaceful retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. The park encompasses a stunning canyon, several scenic hiking trails, and a beautiful waterfall. Whether hiking, picnicking, or birdwatching, visitors can enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty that Monrovia Canyon Park has to offer.

3. Santa Anita Park: As a world-renowned thoroughbred horse racing track, Santa Anita Park attracts crowds from all over Southern California. With a fascinating history dating back to 1934, this iconic venue hosts major horse racing events, such as the Santa Anita Derby and the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Even if you’re not a horse racing enthusiast, the park also offers fine dining experiences and hosts various entertainment events throughout the year.

4. Monrovia Historical Museum: Located in a restored 1925 Spanish-style mansion, the Monrovia Historical Museum tells the captivating story of the city’s past. Exhibits showcase Monrovia’s rich history, including its founding, early settlement, and growth over the years. The museum offers a unique opportunity to delve into the city’s heritage and gain a deeper understanding of its people and culture.

5. Recreation and Parks: Monrovia is home to numerous well-maintained parks and recreation areas that provide a wealth of outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike. Whether it’s hiking trails, sports fields, playgrounds, or community centers, Monrovia offers ample opportunities for active leisure. Some of the notable parks include Recreation Park, Library Park, and Julian Fisher Park.

In addition to these attractions, Monrovia is well-regarded for its excellent school system, healthcare facilities, and a strong sense of community. With its proximity to major transportation arteries, including the I-210 freeway and the Metro Gold Line, Monrovia offers easy access to the broader Los Angeles area.

Overall, Monrovia, CA, is a hidden gem that combines natural beauty, rich history, and a charming small-town atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring the quaint streets of Old Town, immersing yourself in nature at Monrovia Canyon Park, or enjoying the thrill of horse racing at Santa Anita Park, Monrovia offers something for everyone to enjoy.


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