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Exploring Millville, Shasta County, California


Millville, a census-designated place nestled in Shasta County, California, presents a unique blend of rural charm and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Northern California, Millville offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Millville has experienced a slight population decrease in recent years. In 2020, the population was recorded at 879, which slightly declined to 794 by 2024, marking a -9.67% change. This trend reflects a broader pattern observed in the area, with a detailed focus on demographics showing a majority White population at 92.82%, followed by two or more races at 6.8%, and a small percentage of Native American residents at 0.38%. The population density stands at 98.70 people per square mile, indicating a sparsely populated area that offers spacious living conditions to its residents. The median age in Millville is notably high at 46.5 years, suggesting a mature community with a significant portion of adults and seniors (World Population Review, 2024).

Economic Landscape

The economic profile of Millville reveals a community with a strong economic foundation. The median household income is estimated at $87,950, with an average household income of $114,208, suggesting a relatively affluent population. The housing market in Millville is robust, with the median home value at $503,641, reflecting the area’s desirability and the quality of life it offers. A majority of residents own their homes, with an owner-occupied housing rate of 77%, and a relatively low renter-occupied rate, highlighting the stability and permanence of the community (Hometown Locator, 2023).


The demographic composition of Millville is characterized by a predominately White population. The diversity index is 34, indicating a moderate level of diversity compared to other areas in California. The population is distributed across various age groups, with a significant number of families and a high average family size, which supports the notion of Millville as a family-oriented community. The educational attainment levels are diverse, with many residents holding high school diplomas and a significant portion achieving higher education degrees, indicating a well-educated populace.

Points of Interest

Millville, though small, is rich in natural beauty and points of interest that attract visitors and provide residents with outdoor recreation opportunities. These include:

  1. Millville Plains: Stretching as far as the eye can see, the Millville Plains offer visitors a vast expanse of untouched grasslands to explore. Whether hiking along winding trails or simply taking in the panoramic views, nature enthusiasts will find solace in the serene beauty of this unspoiled landscape. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting a variety of avian species soaring overhead, adding to the tranquil ambiance of the plains.
  2. Shasta County Historical Society: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Shasta County’s past at the Historical Society. Housing a treasure trove of local history, artifacts, and archival documents, the society provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of early settlers, indigenous cultures, and pivotal moments in the region’s development. From pioneer homesteads to mining camps, each exhibit tells a compelling story of resilience, ingenuity, and community spirit.
  3. Lassen Volcanic National Park: Just a short drive from Millville lies the awe-inspiring landscapes of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Venture into a world shaped by volcanic activity, where bubbling mud pots, steaming fumaroles, and majestic peaks await exploration. Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on scenic hikes, summit towering peaks, or marvel at the otherworldly beauty of the park’s hydrothermal features.
  4. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area: Escape to the tranquil shores of Whiskeytown Lake, where crystal-clear waters beckon visitors to swim, kayak, or sail beneath the azure sky. Explore hidden coves, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests along miles of scenic trails, perfect for hiking, mountain biking, or wildlife spotting. With its pristine natural beauty and abundance of recreational opportunities, Whiskeytown offers a blissful retreat for outdoor adventurers.
  5. Turtle Bay Exploration Park: Discover a world of wonder and discovery at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in nearby Redding. Home to interactive exhibits, wildlife habitats, and botanical gardens, this dynamic complex offers endless opportunities for learning and exploration. From hands-on science activities to live animal encounters, visitors of all ages will be captivated by the park’s engaging attractions and educational programs.
  6. Sundial Bridge: Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that is the Sundial Bridge, an iconic landmark spanning the Sacramento River in Redding. Designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, this stunning bridge not only serves as a pedestrian walkway but also doubles as a functional sundial, casting its shadow across the riverbank to mark the time. As the sun sets behind the distant mountains, the bridge lights up in a dazzling display of color, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.
  7. Shasta State Historic Park: Step back in time to the days of the California Gold Rush at Shasta State Historic Park. Wander through the picturesque ruins of Shasta City, a bustling mining town that thrived in the mid-19th century before fading into history. Explore restored buildings, including a general store, courthouse, and schoolhouse, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of the town’s inhabitants during this pivotal period in California’s history.
  8. Shasta Dam: Towering majestically over the Sacramento River, Shasta Dam stands as a testament to human ingenuity and engineering prowess. Take a guided tour of this marvel of modern engineering, where knowledgeable guides provide insight into the dam’s construction, operation, and impact on the surrounding landscape. From the top of the dam, soak in panoramic views of the rugged mountains and tranquil waters below, offering a breathtaking perspective on the natural and man-made wonders of the region.
  9. Cascade Theatre: Step into a world of vintage glamour and timeless elegance at the Cascade Theatre, a beautifully restored Art Deco gem in downtown Redding. Originally built in 1935, this historic theater continues to delight audiences with a diverse lineup of performances, including live music, Broadway productions, and film screenings. With its ornate architecture, state-of-the-art amenities, and vibrant cultural scene, the Cascade Theatre remains a beloved landmark in the heart of Redding.
  10. Bethel Church: Experience the warmth of community and the power of faith at Bethel Church, a renowned spiritual center attracting visitors from around the globe. With its dynamic worship services, inspiring sermons, and commitment to outreach and social justice, Bethel Church offers a welcoming sanctuary for believers and seekers alike. Whether attending a worship service, participating in a community event, or seeking spiritual guidance, visitors will find solace and inspiration in the inclusive embrace of Bethel Church.

Neighboring Cities

Millville is surrounded by several cities that enrich its cultural and social landscape:

  1. Redding: Situated approximately 15 miles west of Millville, Redding stands as a bustling commercial and cultural center in Northern California. Boasting a vibrant downtown district, eclectic dining scene, and diverse array of shopping opportunities, Redding offers something for everyone. Cultural enthusiasts can explore the city’s numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters, while outdoor enthusiasts can embark on adventures in the nearby mountains, lakes, and rivers. With its lively atmosphere and convenient amenities, Redding serves as a dynamic gateway to the natural wonders of Shasta County and beyond.
  2. Anderson: Nestled about 20 miles southwest of Millville, Anderson is a charming city renowned for its picturesque parks and vibrant community events. From family-friendly festivals to outdoor concerts, Anderson offers a host of recreational and entertainment options throughout the year. Nature lovers can explore scenic trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds in local parks such as Anderson River Park and Tucker Oaks Golf Course. With its small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere, Anderson provides a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, while still offering convenient access to nearby amenities and attractions.
  3. Palo Cedro: Located to the north of Millville, Palo Cedro offers a serene and rural living experience amidst the natural beauty of Shasta County. Characterized by its sprawling ranches, vineyards, and oak-studded hillsides, Palo Cedro provides a tranquil escape from the demands of modern life. Residents enjoy a close-knit sense of community, with local events such as farmers markets, country fairs, and community fundraisers fostering camaraderie and connection. Despite its peaceful ambiance, Palo Cedro is conveniently located near major highways, making it easy to access shopping, dining, and recreational amenities in nearby cities like Redding. Whether seeking solitude in nature or forging meaningful connections with neighbors, Palo Cedro offers the perfect balance of rural charm and modern convenience.


Millville stands as a testament to the serene and quality lifestyle afforded by Shasta County. Despite its small size, the community’s economic stability, educational achievements, and natural surroundings make it an attractive place for residents and visitors alike. The blend of cultural richness and outdoor recreation opportunities ensures that Millville remains a cherished part of California’s landscape.


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