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Madison, a charming city nestled in Yolo County, California, offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and vibrant community life. With a rich history, diverse demographics, and an array of captivating points of interest, Madison holds a special place in the heart of Yolo County. In this comprehensive summary, we will delve into the city’s population, demographics, and notable points of interest, offering a vivid portrait of this hidden gem in California’s landscape.


As of 2023, Madison has a population of 478, exhibiting stable growth over recent years. The population density is approximately 309.20 people per square mile, covering a land area of 1.5 sq mi. The median age in Madison is relatively high at 48.9 years, with males averaging 53.1 years and females 48.3 years. This demographic trend indicates a mature population with a significant proportion of seniors. Of the adult population, 183 individuals are seniors, highlighting an older age profile in this community​​​​.


The racial composition of Madison is diverse, with 52.51% of the population identifying as White and a significant 46.86% as Other race. The community also includes small percentages of Black or African American, Asian, and individuals identifying with two or more races. Reflecting its ethnic diversity, a large segment of the population, 73.22%, speaks Spanish, with only 26.36% speaking English exclusively.

The town has a notable Hispanic or Latino presence, constituting 512 individuals out of the total population in 2020. In terms of income, the average household income is $36,907, and the poverty rate stands at 16.32%. The educational attainment is predominantly at the high school level, with 98.67% having a high school diploma or equivalent, and only a small fraction, 1.33%, holding a bachelor’s degree​​​​.

Age-wise, Madison boasts a balanced mix of generations. The presence of families, young professionals, and retirees creates a harmonious blend of perspectives and experiences. This diversity is further reflected in the city’s educational landscape, with residents representing a wide range of educational backgrounds and levels of attainment.

Economically, Madison has shown resilience, with a growing number of small businesses supporting the local economy. Agriculture, a prominent industry in Yolo County, also plays a significant role in Madison, providing employment opportunities and shaping the city’s identity.

Points of Interest

  1. Lake Solano County Park: Nestled along the Putah Creek, this beautiful park offers boating, fishing, hiking trails, and picnicking areas, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and families.
  2. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: Wildlife lovers will be enchanted by the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, a sprawling wetland habitat that hosts a wide variety of bird species, making it a prime spot for birdwatching.
  3. Bogle Vineyards: Located in the scenic countryside, Bogle Vineyards offers wine connoisseurs the opportunity to savor award-winning wines while enjoying picturesque views of the vineyards.
  4. Madison Town Park: A central hub for community gatherings and events, Madison Town Park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and a vibrant farmers’ market, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the year.
  5. Yocha Dehe Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the Yocha Dehe Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course designed to challenge and entertain golfers of all skill levels.
  6. Cache Creek Casino Resort: Just a short drive away, Cache Creek Casino Resort provides entertainment and dining options for those seeking excitement and relaxation.
  7. Madison Veteran’s Memorial Hall: A symbol of respect and remembrance, this hall honors veterans and hosts community events that foster a sense of unity among residents.
  8. Local Artisan Shops: Madison’s artisan shops showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of its residents, offering unique handcrafted items, from jewelry to pottery.
  9. Annual Madison Almond Festival: This iconic event celebrates Madison’s agricultural heritage with almond-themed activities, a parade, live music, and delectable almond-based treats.
  10. Historical Landmarks: Madison is home to several historical landmarks, including well-preserved buildings and structures that tell the story of the city’s evolution over the years.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Woodland: Woodland is the largest city in Yolo County and is situated just south of Madison. It’s known for its historic downtown area, lined with charming Victorian buildings. Woodland also boasts a thriving agricultural industry and is famous for its annual Tomato Festival, celebrating the region’s tomato harvest. The city offers a blend of suburban living, a vibrant community, and easy access to the cultural and economic opportunities of nearby Sacramento.
  2. Esparto: Located to the west of Madison, Esparto is a quaint rural town with a strong agricultural heritage. It’s surrounded by scenic farmlands and is known for its almond and walnut orchards. Esparto provides a peaceful, close-knit community for its residents and is an ideal place for those seeking a quieter, countryside lifestyle.
  3. Dunnigan: Dunnigan is a small unincorporated community located north of Madison. It’s known for its convenient location along Interstate 5, making it a strategic stopping point for travelers. While Dunnigan may be small in size, it offers essential services and amenities for those passing through, including gas stations, restaurants, and lodging options.


Madison, in Yolo County, California, is a small community with a rich and diverse demographic profile. Its population stability, ethnic diversity, and unique blend of cultural, historical, and natural attractions make it an intriguing place. The town’s characteristics reflect a blend of traditional values and modern lifestyle, making it a noteworthy location in California’s rich tapestry of communities.


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