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Lawndale is a small, diverse city located in the Los Angeles County of California, USA. It covers an area of 1.97 square miles and has a population of approximately 32,000 people. The city borders other popular communities like Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, and Torrance.


The population of Lawndale is quite diverse with a mix of races, ethnicities, and nationalities. According to the latest data from the U.S Census Bureau, the city’s population is split into the following demographic groups:

• Hispanic or Latino (50.3%)
• White (27.2%)
• Asian (12.5%)
• African American (6.3%)
• Mixed Race (3.3%)

Out of the total population, about 16.2% of the residents are foreign-born, with many coming from Mexico, the Philippines, and El Salvador. The median age of the residents in Lawndale is 34 years, and the average household income in the city is around $56,000 annually.


The city of Lawndale is known for its cultural diversity and friendly community. Residents of Lawndale are quite friendly, accommodating, and welcoming, making it an ideal place for new residents, immigrants, and visitors. The majority of the residents in Lawndale are native English speakers (53.8%), while about 46.2% speak other languages at home. Commonly spoken languages in Lawndale, aside from English, include Spanish, Tagalog, and Korean.

Points of Interest:

Although Lawndale is a relatively small city, there are numerous points of interest and activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Some of the major points of interest in Lawndale include:

• William Green Park – a beautiful park with various amenities like picnic areas, basketball & tennis courts, baseball fields, and a swimming pool for people to enjoy.
• El Camino College – a renowned community college that offers programs in various fields, including the arts, technology, business, and healthcare.
• Alondra Golf Course – a beautiful, well-maintained public golf course with over 18 holes.
• Plaza Mexico – a vibrant marketplace and shopping center with a range of stores, food vendors, and cultural events that reflect the diverse community in Lawndale.
• Lomita Railroad Museum – a fascinating museum with exciting exhibits and interactive displays about the history of railroads in California and the United States.

In conclusion, Lawndale is a unique and vibrant city located on the coast of California. With a friendly community, diverse culture, and several attractions, it’s an excellent place for individuals, families, and visitors to experience the best of Southern Californian lifestyle.


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