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Kirkwood, a small community in Alpine County, California, is known for its picturesque landscapes and tranquil environment. As a census-designated place, it serves as a statistical entity rather than a legally autonomous community. Kirkwood’s unique characteristics and serene setting make it a noteworthy subject of study.


As of 2023, Kirkwood has an estimated population of 302, marking a significant increase from previous years. This growth reflects a dynamic change in the community, with a yearly growth rate of 15.33% from 2020 to 2023. The population is primarily comprised of adults, with 166 individuals over the age of 16, which includes 35 seniors. The median age in Kirkwood is 41.1 years, indicating a mature community demographic. A notable aspect of Kirkwood’s population is the predominance of males, constituting 68.53% of the population, while females represent 31.47%.


The demographic landscape of Kirkwood is diverse, with various racial and ethnic groups contributing to the community fabric. The largest ethnic group is White, followed by Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, and individuals identifying with two or more races. In terms of educational attainment, the community boasts high rates of high school graduation and bachelor’s degrees among its residents. The economic aspect of Kirkwood is highlighted by an average household income of $103,895 and a median household income of $82,895, reflecting the community’s economic stability.

Employment and Occupations

The labor force participation rate in Kirkwood is 73.50%, with an employment rate of 71.10%. Employment is spread across various age groups, with notable participation in the workforce from individuals aged between 20 to 24 years and 35 to 44 years. A closer look at the employment by race reveals varying participation and unemployment rates among different ethnic groups. The occupation landscape in Kirkwood is diverse, with a total of 118 civilian employees aged 16 and older. Median earnings stand at $56,818, with a gender pay gap evident in the earnings of men and women.

Points of Interest

Kirkwood, despite its small size, offers a plethora of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. Here are ten noteworthy points of interest in Kirkwood, each with a brief description:

  1. Kirkwood Mountain Resort: Renowned for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, Kirkwood Mountain Resort attracts winter sports enthusiasts from all over. The resort boasts diverse terrain, making it suitable for both beginners and expert skiers.
  2. Caples Lake: Nestled in the Carson Pass region, Caples Lake is a serene alpine lake known for its fishing and boating opportunities. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful day of relaxation.
  3. Carson Pass: Offering stunning hiking trails in the summer and excellent cross-country skiing in the winter, Carson Pass is a gateway to the Mokelumne Wilderness and the Pacific Crest Trail.
  4. Kirkwood Meadow: This expansive meadow is a beautiful place to explore nature, go for a hike, or simply enjoy a picnic surrounded by wildflowers and mountain vistas.
  5. Thunder Mountain Alpaca Ranch: A unique and family-friendly attraction, this ranch allows visitors to get up close and personal with friendly alpacas, offering a memorable experience for animal lovers of all ages.
  6. Sorensen’s Resort: Just a short drive from Kirkwood, Sorensen’s Resort provides cozy cabins and a peaceful mountain retreat. It’s a favorite spot for those seeking relaxation and solitude.
  7. Kirkwood Cross Country & Snowshoe Center: In the winter months, this center offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails that wind through the pristine wilderness, providing a quieter alternative to downhill skiing.
  8. The General Store: A charming country store where you can stock up on groceries, rent outdoor gear, and enjoy a deli sandwich while chatting with locals and fellow travelers.
  9. Kirkwood Historical Society: For history enthusiasts, the local historical society offers insights into the area’s past, including its mining heritage and pioneer history.
  10. Art and Craft Workshops: Kirkwood hosts various workshops and classes, ranging from pottery to painting, providing opportunities for creative expression and skill development.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Markleeville, California: Located approximately 22 miles southwest of Kirkwood, Markleeville is the county seat of Alpine County. This charming town is known for its historical significance and scenic surroundings. Visitors can explore historic buildings, enjoy the soothing Hot Springs, and access hiking trails in the nearby Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. Markleeville offers a peaceful, small-town atmosphere with a rich cultural heritage.
  2. Meyers, California: Situated about 25 miles northwest of Kirkwood, Meyers is a community within the South Lake Tahoe area. It serves as a gateway to the larger Lake Tahoe region, making it an ideal base for outdoor enthusiasts. Meyers offers access to Lake Tahoe’s stunning beaches, hiking trails, and water sports in the summer, as well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter. It’s a bustling hub with shops, restaurants, and accommodations for those exploring the Lake Tahoe basin.
  3. Bear Valley, California: Bear Valley is approximately 32 miles northwest of Kirkwood and is known for its picturesque mountain setting. It’s a popular destination for both summer and winter activities, with opportunities for hiking, camping, and water sports in the warmer months, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Bear Valley Village, nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, provides lodging, dining, and a friendly mountain community for visitors to enjoy.


Kirkwood, Alpine County, California, is a remarkable city that combines its small-town charm with a wealth of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. With a population characterized by diversity in demographics and a strong connection to the outdoors, Kirkwood stands out as a unique destination for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and a sense of community. Its numerous points of interest, from world-class ski resorts to serene alpine lakes, make Kirkwood a captivating place to visit or call home in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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