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Golden Arrow, Nevada: A Glimpse into the Past


Golden Arrow, a remote and largely forgotten ghost town, is located in Nye County, Nevada. This small settlement, once bustling with mining activity, provides a stark reminder of the transient nature of mining booms and the fleeting dreams of fortune that drove them.

Population and Historical Overview

Golden Arrow experienced a short-lived population boom following significant gold discoveries in 1904. By 1907, the town’s population peaked at around 200 residents as the mining district flourished briefly. The community featured a hotel, stores, and several saloons, but as the ore depleted, the population dwindled to a mere eight people by 1912, and the town was ultimately abandoned​​.


During its peak, the demographic composition of Golden Arrow was typical of mining towns in the early 20th century—predominantly male, drawn from various parts of the country and abroad, lured by the prospects of mining wealth. Today, the only residents are wildlife, including wild horses and coyotes, inhabiting the remnants of this once-thriving town​​.

Points of Interest

  1. Mining Remnants: The landscape is dotted with old mine shafts and a prominent headframe, remnants of Golden Arrow’s mining era.
  2. Collapsed Structures: Visitors can observe the debris of collapsed wooden structures that once housed the town’s residents and businesses.
  3. Old Saloons: The foundations of at least six saloons reflect the social hubs of the town’s short-lived bustling period.
  4. Mining Equipment: Scattered throughout the area, old mining equipment offers a glimpse into the hard labor that defined life in Golden Arrow.
  5. Natural Landscape: The surrounding desert and mountain backdrop provide a stark, beautiful setting that contrasts sharply with the town’s abandoned structures.
  6. Wildlife Sightings: The area is now home to various desert wildlife, providing opportunities for wildlife observation.
  7. Historical Markers: Informative signs offer insights into the town’s history and the lives of its former inhabitants.
  8. Photography Spots: The ghost town and its natural surroundings are excellent subjects for photography enthusiasts.
  9. Hiking Trails: Trails around the town offer visitors a chance to explore the landscape where miners once walked.
  10. Sunset Views: The location offers spectacular sunset views over the Nevada desert, ideal for ending a day of exploration​​.

Neighboring Cities

  • Silverbow, NV (9.8 miles SE): A small community offering basic amenities and a quiet desert experience.
  • Warm Springs, NV (18.5 miles NE): Known for its historical significance and nearby natural hot springs.
  • Mellan, NV (19.7 miles S): Another small, remote area within Nye County, offering a glimpse into rural Nevada life​​.


Golden Arrow serves as a poignant reminder of Nevada’s rich mining history and the impermanence of such enterprises. While it offers little in terms of modern conveniences, its historical significance and the serene beauty of its natural surroundings make it a fascinating destination for those interested in history and nature.


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