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Esparto, located in the picturesque Yolo County, California, is a city that exudes charm and diversity. Known for its vibrant community, Esparto offers a unique blend of cultural and social dynamics, making it an intriguing subject for a detailed exploration.


As of 2023, Esparto has a population of 3,460 to 3,733, with varying sources reporting slightly different figures. The area spans approximately 4.6 square miles, resulting in a population density of around 752 to 811.3 people per square mile. The city’s population dynamics have seen some fluctuations, with a slight decline in recent years​​​​​​.


Esparto’s demographic profile is a tapestry of diverse ethnicities and cultures. The racial composition includes a significant White population at around 50% to 83.18%, while Hispanics constitute about 44% of the residents. The Asian community, contributing 3.64% to 4%, adds to the city’s multicultural essence. Other racial groups present include those of two or more races, accounting for 3% to 8.47% of the population.

Interestingly, the median age in Esparto is 31.3 years, indicative of a young and dynamic populace. The gender distribution is fairly balanced, with females comprising about 52.42% of the population. In terms of socioeconomic factors, the median household income is reported to be around $84,526 to $87,837, with a per capita income of approximately $35,246. The city’s educational landscape is notable, with a high school graduation rate of 79.66% and a considerable percentage of residents holding bachelor’s degrees​​​​.

Points of Interest

  1. Esparto Regional Library: A hub of knowledge and community engagement, this library offers a diverse collection of books and hosts various events and activities, fostering a culture of learning.
  2. Esparto Park: A serene green space perfect for picnics, family outings, or leisurely strolls. It provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  3. Capay Valley Vineyards: Explore the local wine scene by visiting the nearby vineyards, where you can sample exquisite wines and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding countryside.
  4. Tuleyome Trails: Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the extensive network of trails in and around Esparto. These trails offer opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife observation.
  5. Historic Esparto Depot: A piece of Esparto’s history, the depot serves as a museum, showcasing the town’s past as a hub for agricultural trade and transportation.
  6. Esparto Regional Chamber of Commerce: A vital organization that supports local businesses and fosters economic development in the community.
  7. Local Farm Stands: Explore the local agricultural scene by visiting the numerous farm stands, where you can purchase fresh, locally-grown produce.
  8. Esparto Regional Community Center: This facility hosts a variety of events and activities, including fitness classes, community meetings, and cultural celebrations.
  9. Annual Almond Festival: A beloved tradition, the Almond Festival celebrates Esparto’s agricultural heritage with a parade, food vendors, live music, and more.
  10. Esparto Unified School District: The local schools are not only centers of education but also important community hubs, fostering the growth and development of the town’s youth.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Woodland: Woodland is the county seat of Yolo County and is known for its rich agricultural history and historical buildings. It’s a larger city compared to Esparto and offers a variety of amenities, including shopping centers, parks, and cultural attractions like the Woodland Opera House, which is a historical site.
  2. Winters: Winters is a small city known for its charming downtown and vibrant community life. It is situated near Lake Berryessa and the Putah Creek, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. The city also hosts several events and festivals throughout the year, contributing to its lively atmosphere.
  3. Davis: Davis is a well-known college town, home to the University of California, Davis. It’s recognized for its strong focus on environmental sustainability and has a highly educated population. The city offers a range of cultural and recreational activities, including a bustling downtown area, numerous bike paths, and parks. Additionally, Davis is known for its contributions to agricultural research due to the presence of the university.


Esparto in Yolo County, California, stands out as a city with a rich blend of cultural diversity, economic stability, and community vibrancy. Its demographic makeup reflects a young and dynamic population, contributing to the city’s evolving social and cultural fabric. Esparto’s array of points of interest further adds to its charm, offering residents and visitors alike a variety of experiences from cultural insights to natural beauty. This city, nestled in the heart of Yolo County, indeed presents a compelling story of growth, diversity, and community spirit.


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