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Culver City is a small, charming town located in the western part of Los Angeles County, California, USA. This city boasts a total area of approximately 5 square miles and has a population of around 39,000 individuals. In this article, we will delve into the demographics, points of interest, and attractions in Culver City.


As of 2021, based on the United States Census Bureau, Culver City has a population of 39,187. The city’s population grew by about 2% since the last census in 2010. The male to female population ratio in this city is approximately 1:1, while the median age for residents is roughly 40 years old.


Culver City has a predominantly white population, with around 50.3% of the residents being White. The other 49.7% of the population is made up of other races and ethnicities, including Asians (13.9%), Latinos (11.6%), and Blacks (5.5%). About 5.7% of the population identifies as two or more races.

Points of Interest

Culver City is a lively city with many unique and exciting activities to do. Here are some notable points of interest:

Culver City Art Walk – This is a free event that takes place twice a year in May and October. The event features more than 50 venues in the city, including galleries, cafes, and retail shops.

The Wende Museum – This museum collects artifacts, works, and documents from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The museum has an impressive collection of Soviet and East European-era artwork, historical documents, and other items.

Sony Pictures Studios – This is a must-visit spot in Culver City. The tour of Sony Pictures Studio lets visitors experience the beautiful properties used in the making of movies and TV shows. The tour stops by the soundstages, exhibit hall, and the studio lot.

The Culver Hotel – The Culver Hotel, a historic hotel in the heart of Culver City, has had many famous guests, including Marilyn Monroe and Ronald Reagan. The hotel has a fascinating history and is still in operation today.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook -This park is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It is located on the southwest corner of Jefferson and Hetzler, and it is a space where visitors can take a hike, see beautiful views of the city, and even do some yoga.


Culver City is a unique and exciting city with so much to offer. Its population is diverse, which makes it an inclusive and welcoming area. This city has an array of attractions and activities that cater to all. From hiking to visiting historic sites, there is something for everyone. The Wende Museum and Sony Pictures Studios are worth visiting for a glimpse into the entertainment world, while The Culver Hotel is ideal for those who want to see a historic landmark. Overall, Culver City is a great place to visit and live, making it an excellent addition to the bustling city of Los Angeles.


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