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Burbank, CA USA is a city located in Los Angeles County, California, with a population of 103,695 according to the latest United States Census Bureau estimates. This city has attracted people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, making it a diverse city.


Burbank is a densely populated city with a population density of 6,396 per square mile. The city has a considerable population of young adults and middle-aged individuals, making it a dynamic city. The median age for the residents of Burbank is 39, which is slightly higher than the national median age of 38.2 years. Burbank has a surplus of females compared to males, with 52% of the population being females, and 48% of the population being males. Furthermore, over 22% of the population is foreign-born, making the city a destination for people from all over the world.


The demographic distribution of Burbank is multicultural, with a significant percentage of Whites at 65%, Hispanics at 18.1%, 8.1% Asians, 1.9% African Americans, and 0.4% Native Americans.

The city of Burbank is also an education hub, with a 92.9% literacy rate and a large number of residents holding degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Over 91.8% of the population has a high school diploma, while 50.6% have gone on to earn more advanced degrees. Such qualifications have increased the skill set of residents, making the city a fantastic business and employment center.

Points of Interest

Burbank is best known for being the center of the entertainment industry worldwide. The city is home to several major studios, including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Burbank Studios- home of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is a popular place to visit for movie enthusiasts. The tour provides a behind-the-scenes look at how movies and TV shows are made. Tour participants can explore sound stages and production offices and visit museum exhibits with props and costumes from popular Warner Bros. movies and TV shows.

Another famous point of interest in Burbank is the Burbank Aviation Museum, which houses an extensive collection of aircraft, including a B-17 Flying Fortress and a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis. This museum details the history of aviation in the region and provides visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the science and technology behind aircraft.

The Gordon R. Howard Museum, located in the Stough Canyon Nature Center, is a historic house museum displaying furniture, photographs, and artifacts from the early days of Burbank’s development.

This city also has a variety of unique shopping destinations, including Magnolia Park, which is famous for its vintage clothing stores and antique shops. Burbank Town Center is a retail center, which features a wide range of fashion outlets and boutiques, entertainment cinemas, and eateries.

The area has fabulous outdoor activities, including the Stough Canyon Nature Center, a wildlife habitat that features miles of hiking and biking trails. The city operates a dozen parks, which attract people from all over the region. The well-known De Bell Municipal Golf Course, built in 1959, offers 18 holes of championship golf, a driving range, and golf lessons.


Burbank, CA USA, is a diverse, vibrant city with a fascinating mix of attractions and entertainment activities. The population is full of highly skilled and skilled individuals, making it an ideal location for businesses in the entertainment and other industries. These include the renowned Burbank Town Center, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, the Burbank Aviation Museum, Magnolia Park, De Bell Municipal Golf Course, among others. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a movie buff, Burbank is a great place to call home.


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