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Big Bend, Shasta County, California


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Shasta County, California, lies the charming town of Big Bend. Known for its stunning natural beauty and serene surroundings, this hidden gem has been gaining popularity among nature enthusiasts and adventurers seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this comprehensive summary, we will delve into the latest statistics and data to provide an in-depth look at Big Bend, exploring its population, demographics, and various points of interest.


As of 2023, the population of Big Bend is reported to be 92 individuals, indicating a slight decrease from previous years. This decline in population is reflective of the broader trends within rural areas of California, where population growth is generally slower compared to urban centers. The community’s population density stands at approximately 16 people per square mile, emphasizing its sparse and rural nature.


Big Bend’s demographic composition is predominantly White, comprising about 89.77% of the population. Other racial groups include those identifying with two or more races (4.55%), Black or African American (2.84%), Native American (1.7%), and Asian (1.14%). The gender distribution in Big Bend is nearly balanced, with males constituting 50.57% and females 49.43%. The median age in the community is 36.5 years, which is indicative of a relatively young population base. Additionally, the community shows a higher rate of homeownership at 75.5%, compared to national averages, reflecting a stable residential base.

Points of Interest

  1. Pit River: This scenic river flows through the region, offering not only a picturesque backdrop but also recreational opportunities such as fishing and rafting. Anglers are drawn to the river’s pristine waters, which are known for their trout, making it a popular spot for both beginners and experienced fishermen.
  2. Lassen Volcanic National Park: Located in close proximity to Big Bend, this national park is a true natural wonder. It features a variety of hiking trails that lead to stunning volcanic landscapes, including Lassen Peak, which is the largest plug dome volcano in the world. Visitors can also explore the park’s geothermal features, such as bubbling mud pots and hissing steam vents.
  3. McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park: One of the highlights of this state park is Burney Falls, a 129-foot waterfall that cascades year-round. The park provides a serene setting for picnics and camping, with well-maintained facilities and easy access to the falls for breathtaking views.
  4. Shasta-Trinity National Forest: Encompassing vast wilderness areas, this national forest offers a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers can explore numerous trails, campers can find tranquil spots to set up camp, and wildlife observers may spot various species in their natural habitat. The forest provides a diverse and immersive natural experience.
  5. Turtle Bay Exploration Park: Located in nearby Redding, this attraction is a perfect blend of education and recreation. It includes beautiful botanical gardens where visitors can stroll and learn about local flora. The interactive museum offers hands-on exhibits, making it a great destination for families and those interested in the natural world.
  6. Sundial Bridge: Another attraction in Redding, this architecturally unique pedestrian bridge spans the Sacramento River. Its distinctive design resembles a giant sundial, and it has become an iconic site for both locals and tourists. It’s an ideal spot for photography, offering stunning views of the river and surrounding landscape.
  7. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area: This recreation area encompasses the pristine Whiskeytown Lake, offering various water activities such as kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Scenic drives along the lake’s shore provide opportunities for sightseeing, while numerous trails lead to waterfalls and historical sites within the park.
  8. Mount Shasta: This prominent natural landmark dominates the region’s skyline. For hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts, Mount Shasta is a challenging yet rewarding destination. Numerous trails lead to the summit, where climbers are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  9. Shasta Caverns: Located on the shores of Lake Shasta, these limestone caves offer a unique underground experience. Guided tours take visitors through the intricate formations and chambers, providing insights into the geology and history of the area. It’s a fascinating journey beneath the earth’s surface.
  10. Shasta State Historic Park: Preserving the ruins of Shasta City, this historic park offers a glimpse into the gold rush era of California. Visitors can explore the remaining buildings, including a general store, courthouse, and more. Interpretive displays provide historical context, making it a fascinating destination for history buffs.


Three Neighboring Cities

  1. Burney: Located approximately 18 miles southeast of Big Bend, Burney is a charming town known for its proximity to Burney Falls, which is a major attraction in the region. The town offers various amenities, including shops, restaurants, and accommodations, making it a convenient stop for visitors exploring the area’s natural beauty. Burney also hosts events and festivals throughout the year, fostering a sense of community among residents and visitors alike.
  2. Fall River Mills: Situated about 24 miles to the east of Big Bend, Fall River Mills is a picturesque town nestled along the banks of the Fall River. It’s renowned for its excellent fly fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities. The town has a rich history and features historic landmarks, including the Fall River Hotel, which has been welcoming travelers for generations. Fall River Mills offers a tranquil escape with a focus on outdoor activities and a relaxed way of life.
  3. Montgomery Creek: Located approximately 13 miles west of Big Bend, Montgomery Creek is a small community surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and rural charm. Residents in Montgomery Creek often enjoy a slower pace of life and are closely connected to the natural surroundings. The town provides a gateway to outdoor adventures, including hiking, fishing, and exploring the nearby wilderness.



Big Bend in Shasta County, California, embodies the essence of a small, close-knit community, surrounded by natural beauty. Its demographic profile reflects a predominantly White population with a relatively young median age. The area’s points of interest, primarily centered around natural and outdoor activities, highlight its appeal as a destination for those seeking tranquility and a connection with nature. While the population is small and decreasing slightly, the community’s high homeownership rate and diverse age distribution suggest a stable and settled population. Big Bend, with its unique blend of rural charm and natural attractions, remains an appealing corner of Shasta County.


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