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Belmont is a captivating historical marker nestled in Nye County, Nevada. Known primarily for its past as a thriving mining community, Belmont now stands as a testament to the vibrant history of the American West.


As a ghost town, Belmont does not have a current, established population. Its historical significance, however, draws visitors and researchers interested in Nevada’s mining era. For more precise and recent population data of the surrounding areas in Nye County, you can refer to the Nevada Governor’s Certified Series which provides comprehensive demographic reports​.


Nevada’s demographics have seen diverse shifts over the years. The state has a significant Hispanic and Latino population, making up about 30.14% of its total population as of 2023. Additionally, the racial composition is diverse, with Whites constituting approximately 48.95% and Black or African Americans around 10.57%. The demographic landscape showcases a broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry​.

Points of Interest

  1. Belmont Courthouse State Historic Park: The Belmont Courthouse stands as a testament to the town’s legal past. Restored to its former glory, the courthouse offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into Belmont’s judicial history. Inside, exhibits and guided tours provide insights into the legal proceedings and the role of the courthouse in the community during its heyday.
  2. Mining Ruins: Scattered across the landscape are the remnants of Belmont’s once-thriving mining industry. These ruins serve as poignant reminders of the town’s bustling past, with abandoned mine shafts, crumbling structures, and rusted equipment dotting the terrain. Exploring these ruins offers visitors a tangible connection to Belmont’s mining heritage.
  3. Historic Buildings: Belmont’s peak era in the 1860s left behind a collection of historic buildings, each with its own story to tell. From saloons to residences, these structures provide a glimpse into daily life during Belmont’s mining boom. While some buildings have been lovingly restored, others stand as weathered relics, adding to the town’s rustic charm.
  4. Belmont Cemetery: A visit to the Belmont Cemetery offers a solemn reflection on the lives of the town’s former residents. Headstones dating back to the 19th century mark the final resting places of miners, pioneers, and other notable figures from Belmont’s history. Walking among the graves, visitors can sense the passage of time and the resilience of the community.
  5. Dirt Roads and Natural Scenery: Belmont’s rugged terrain and dirt roads beckon off-road enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Driving through the surrounding landscape, visitors are treated to panoramic views of Nevada’s natural beauty, from expansive desert vistas to craggy mountain ranges.
  6. Local Flora and Fauna: The area surrounding Belmont is home to a diverse array of Nevadan wildlife and plant species. Ecological tours offer opportunities to spot desert wildlife such as coyotes, jackrabbits, and various bird species, while also highlighting the unique adaptations of desert flora to the harsh environment.
  7. Photography Tours: Belmont’s picturesque ruins set against the desert backdrop provide endless inspiration for photographers. From capturing the play of light and shadow on weathered facades to framing the stark beauty of abandoned mine structures, photography tours offer a chance to capture the essence of Belmont’s history and landscape.
  8. Hiking Trails: For those seeking outdoor adventure, hiking trails around Belmont cater to all skill levels. Leisurely walks lead to scenic viewpoints overlooking the town and surrounding countryside, while more challenging hikes offer opportunities to explore remote canyons and hidden gems tucked away in the desert landscape.
  9. Annual Events: While sparse, Belmont occasionally hosts local events tied to its rich history. These gatherings, which may include reenactments, historical lectures, or community festivals, draw history buffs and tourists alike, providing an immersive experience of Belmont’s past and present.
  10. Star Gazing: Belmont’s clear, open skies make it a haven for astronomy enthusiasts. On clear nights, the twinkling stars overhead provide a mesmerizing backdrop, inviting visitors to gaze in wonder at the vastness of the cosmos. Whether with telescopes or simply lying under the canopy of stars, star gazing in Belmont is an unforgettable experience.

Neighboring Cities

  1. Manhattan, NV (11.4 miles WSW): Manhattan is a small but historically rich community nestled in the heart of Nevada. Its roots trace back to the late 19th century when mining fever swept through the region. Originally established as a mining camp in the early 20th century, Manhattan experienced periods of boom and bust as the mining industry fluctuated. Today, remnants of its mining heritage can still be seen in the form of old mine shafts, dilapidated structures, and the stories passed down through generations. Despite its small size, Manhattan boasts a tight-knit community of residents who take pride in preserving its historical legacy.
  2. Round Mountain, NV (13.1 miles NW): Round Mountain is renowned for its massive open-pit gold mine, which has been in operation for decades. The mine is a dominant feature of the landscape, symbolizing both the area’s economic significance and its ties to the mining industry. The town itself grew alongside the mine, with many of its residents employed in mining-related jobs. While the mine has brought prosperity to the region, it has also faced environmental scrutiny and challenges related to sustainable resource management. Nevertheless, Round Mountain remains a resilient community, adapting to changes in the mining industry while retaining its identity as a mining town.
  3. Carvers, NV (21.1 miles NW): Carvers is another charming community steeped in history, particularly in relation to the mining boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Named after an early settler, Carvers played a vital role as a supply hub for nearby mining operations. Today, it retains much of its old-world charm, with historic buildings lining its streets and serving as reminders of its storied past. While the mining activity in the area has waned over the years, Carvers remains a picturesque destination for history enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike, offering opportunities for exploration and appreciation of Nevada’s rich mining heritage.


Belmont, Nevada, stands as a historical emblem of the American mining era. Its preserved sites offer a deep dive into the past, making it a significant location for those interested in history and natural beauty. The surrounding communities continue to embody the rugged spirit of Nevada, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the state’s cultural heritage.


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