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Beaverdam, Lincoln County: A Portrait of a Tranquil Nevada Community


Nestled in Lincoln County, Nevada, Beaverdam is a small, picturesque community embodying the tranquility and natural beauty of the American Southwest. With its serene landscapes and a small, close-knit population, Beaverdam offers a unique glimpse into rural Nevada life.


As of 2024, Beaverdam’s population is 24, maintaining a steady number over recent years​​. This small community comprises primarily adults, with 10 seniors contributing to a median age of 57.7 years. Remarkably, Beaverdam boasts a 100% homeownership rate, reflecting a strong sense of permanence and belonging among its residents​​.

The demographic profile of Beaverdam is homogenous, with a 100% white population. This lack of diversity is not uncommon in smaller rural communities across the United States. The gender ratio skews towards females, who constitute about 70.83% of the population, leaving males at 29.17%​​.

In terms of education, the community has a 100% high school graduation rate among its white population. However, data on higher education levels is not specified, suggesting a focus on basic education within this small community​​.

Economically, Beaverdam faces some challenges. The overall poverty rate stands at 41.67%, indicating a significant portion of the population living below the poverty line. This rate is particularly high among the male population, which has a poverty rate of 58.82% compared to 41.67% for females​​.


Beaverdam’s demographic makeup reflects its rural nature. The population consists entirely of white residents, with no significant representation from other racial or ethnic groups​​. This lack of diversity is typical of many smaller, rural communities in the United States.

The median age of residents is 71.1 years, indicating a predominantly older population. This older demographic is further highlighted by the fact that a significant portion of the community’s adults are seniors​​.

The population is distributed as follows: 18.5% are under 18 years old, 63.2% fall within the working-age bracket of 18-64, and 18.3% are 65 and older. This demographic diversity contributes to a rich cultural tapestry within Beaverdam, fostering a sense of inclusivity and unity among its residents.

Points of Interest

Beaverdam, though small, is not without its attractions. Here are ten points of interest that define the character of this quaint Nevada town:

  1. Beaver Dam State Park: Beaver Dam State Park is a natural gem in this small Nevada town. It offers a primitive, unspoiled outdoor experience with opportunities for hiking, camping, and fishing. Visitors can enjoy the serenity of streams, waterfalls, and a diverse range of wildlife.
  2. Historical Hamblin Ranch: The Historical Hamblin Ranch provides a glimpse into the town’s 19th-century history. It features a cottage, blacksmith shop, and schoolhouse, offering visitors a chance to step back in time and learn about the early settlers of Beaverdam.
  3. Oak Knoll Trail: Ideal for fishing and easy hiking, the Oak Knoll Trail leads to a stream stocked with rainbow trout. It’s a peaceful spot for anglers and nature enthusiasts to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  4. Waterfall Trail: This trail is a testament to Beaverdam’s natural beauty, with its streams, warm springs, and waterfalls. It’s a picturesque area that showcases the stunning landscapes of the region.
  5. 49er Gravel Grinder: For adventure seekers, the 49er Gravel Grinder is an annual mountain bike race that attracts riders from various regions. It offers a challenging and exciting experience for biking enthusiasts.
  6. Group Picnic Ramada: This reservable area is perfect for large gatherings or events, fostering a sense of community spirit among the residents of Beaverdam. It’s a great spot for picnics and social gatherings.
  7. Camping Facilities: Beaverdam offers rustic camping facilities with developed campgrounds suitable for both trailers and tents. It’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in the great outdoors.
  8. Interpretive Trail: Nature enthusiasts can explore the Interpretive Trail, which leads to an overlook of Beaver Dam Wash. It’s an educational and scenic route that allows you to appreciate the local flora and fauna.
  9. CCC-built Amenities: The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) left their mark on Beaverdam during the 1930s by constructing picnic areas and trails. These historical structures add to the town’s charm and offer places to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Beaver Dam Wash: This area holds historical significance as it was once a site sought after by gold-seekers during the 1849 Gold Rush. Today, it is a peaceful natural area where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the landscape and its historical context.

Neighboring Cities

Beaverdam is surrounded by several small cities that enhance the region’s cultural and social landscape:

  1. Panaca: Located just 7.86 miles northeast of Beaverdam, Panaca is a small town known for its historical significance and close-knit community. It’s an excellent place to explore local history and culture.
  2. Ursine: Approximately 24.05 miles northeast of Beaverdam, Ursine is a quaint village that offers a peaceful rural setting. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and a slower pace of life.
  3. Caliente: Situated 25.56 miles southwest, Caliente is known for its historic railroad heritage. It offers a wider range of amenities and services compared to Beaverdam, making it a convenient destination for shopping and dining.
  4. Pioche: Located 28.79 miles northeast of Beaverdam, Pioche is a historic mining town with a rich Wild West history. Its picturesque landscapes and historic buildings make it a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike.


Beaverdam, Nevada, is a gem in Lincoln County, offering a peaceful and rustic lifestyle. Its small population and strong sense of community, combined with the natural beauty and historical richness of the surrounding areas, make it a unique place to experience the quieter side of Nevada life. This portrait of Beaverdam showcases a community content in its simplicity and rich in its connection to the natural world and the history of the American Southwest.

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