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Nestled in the scenic Napa Valley of California, Angwin is a captivating mountain town located in Napa County. This unique community offers a blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and a close-knit atmosphere. In this detailed summary, we will explore Angwin’s population, demographics, and points of interest to provide an in-depth understanding of this charming city.


As of 2023, the population of Angwin is estimated to be around 3,088, demonstrating a dynamic community. This figure reflects the city’s modest size yet signifies a vibrant and diverse populace. The population density stands at approximately 639.50 people per square mile, indicating a comfortable and spacious living environment for its residents.


Angwin is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. The racial composition as of the most recent estimates is predominantly White (60.75%), followed by Asian (14.8%), individuals of two or more races (10.56%), Black or African American (7.93%), and other races (5.54%). The median age in Angwin is 24.8 years, showcasing a youthful demographic. The city has a slightly higher percentage of males (55.7%) compared to females (44.3%).

Employment and Economy

The employment sectors in Angwin are diverse, with Educational Services, Manufacturing, and Retail Trade being the most common industries. Men in the city have seen the best median earnings in sectors like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, and Professional, Scientific, & Management services. For women, the highest earnings are in Professional, Scientific, & Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, and Finance & Insurance sectors.

Housing and Living Standards

Angwin presents a comfortable living standard with a median household income of approximately $106,843 and an average household income of $139,641. The housing sector is robust, with a mix of owner-occupied and renter-occupied units. The median home value is around $893,382, reflecting the city’s status in the picturesque Napa Valley.

Points of Interest

  1. Pacific Union College: Established in 1882, Pacific Union College (PUC) is a prominent Seventh-day Adventist institution that plays a pivotal role in shaping Angwin’s cultural and academic landscape. With its picturesque campus nestled amidst the rolling hills, PUC offers a range of academic programs, contributing to the city’s intellectual vibrancy. The college hosts various cultural events, lectures, and exhibitions, providing opportunities for both students and the local community to engage in enriching experiences.
  2. Las Posadas State Forest: Located in close proximity to Angwin, the Las Posadas State Forest is a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor activities. This forested area offers miles of hiking and biking trails that wind through towering redwoods and lush vegetation. Visitors can enjoy picnicking, birdwatching, and immersing themselves in the serene ambiance of the California wilderness.
  3. Angwin Parrett Field: Angwin Parrett Field is a unique feature that adds to the city’s charm. This small airport not only serves as a transportation hub but also contributes to the local culture. It hosts airshows and aviation-related events, attracting aviation enthusiasts and fostering a sense of community pride. The sight of aircraft taking off and landing against the backdrop of the Napa Valley is a captivating experience.
  4. Howell Mountain Vineyards: Angwin’s proximity to the renowned Howell Mountain wine-producing region makes it an excellent destination for wine lovers. Howell Mountain Vineyards, in particular, stands out for its exquisite wines that reflect the Napa Valley’s rich wine culture. Visitors can take vineyard tours and indulge in wine tastings, savoring the flavors of this prestigious viticultural area.
  5. Angwin Plaza: Angwin Plaza is the beating heart of the city, serving as the local hub for shopping, dining, and community gatherings. Here, you’ll find quaint shops offering artisanal goods, cozy cafes, and eateries where residents and visitors come together. The plaza often hosts farmers’ markets, live music events, and community festivals, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Echo Summit Trail: Hikers and nature enthusiasts will find Echo Summit Trail to be a paradise for exploration. This trail showcases the natural beauty of the region, with stunning vistas of the Napa Valley and surrounding landscapes. It offers varying levels of difficulty, making it accessible for both casual hikers and experienced trekkers. The trail is an ideal way to connect with the local environment and enjoy the outdoors.
  7. Angwin Community Park: Angwin Community Park is a cherished spot for families and individuals seeking relaxation and outdoor activities. The park features green spaces, picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities. It provides an excellent venue for community events, barbecues, and gatherings, promoting social interactions and healthy outdoor recreation.
  8. Pioneer Adventist Christian School: Pioneer Adventist Christian School plays a crucial role in Angwin’s educational landscape. It provides quality education with a focus on faith-based values. The school serves as an essential institution for the local community, shaping the academic development of its students and contributing to the city’s sense of community.
  9. Pratt Wayne Vineyard: Pratt Wayne Vineyard is a testament to the rich viticulture of the area. This family-owned winery produces high-quality wines, reflecting the region’s unique terroir. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings and gain insights into the winemaking process while taking in the scenic beauty of the vineyard’s surroundings.
  10. Mount St. Helena Golf Course: Golf enthusiasts can indulge in their passion at the Mount St. Helena Golf Course, a scenic spot surrounded by rolling hills and panoramic views. This well-maintained golf course offers a challenging and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. It’s not just a place to tee off but also an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty that defines Angwin and the Napa Valley.

Three Neighboring Cities

  1. St. Helena: St. Helena is a charming city located just south of Angwin in Napa County. Known for its vineyards and wineries, it is a popular destination for wine enthusiasts. St. Helena boasts a picturesque downtown area with upscale boutiques, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants. Visitors can explore historic landmarks, such as the Beringer Vineyards and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, making it a hub for wine, food, and cultural experiences.
  2. Calistoga: Calistoga is situated to the northwest of Angwin and is renowned for its hot springs and spa resorts. The city’s geothermal pools and mud baths offer relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Calistoga also features a vibrant Main Street with Victorian architecture, wine tasting rooms, and eclectic shops. It is home to the Old Faithful Geyser, attracting tourists seeking natural wonders and wellness retreats.
  3. Deer Park: Deer Park is a small unincorporated community located in close proximity to Angwin. Nestled within the scenic hills, it offers a peaceful and rural atmosphere. Deer Park is known for its proximity to the Deer Park Monastery, which provides a tranquil setting for meditation and mindfulness practices. The area is sparsely populated and surrounded by lush forests, making it an ideal escape for those seeking serenity and nature’s beauty.


Angwin is a picturesque and vibrant city in Napa County, California, characterized by its diverse population, robust economy, and rich cultural heritage. It offers a blend of educational and recreational opportunities, making it an appealing destination for residents and visitors alike. The city’s commitment to maintaining its natural beauty while fostering a dynamic community life makes it a unique and desirable place to live.


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