Crash in East Los Angeles

In East Los Angeles on a Wednesday afternoon, a high-speed pursuit came to a disastrous end with a violent crash involving multiple vehicles. The incident unfolded around 1:30 p.m. near the intersection of Arizona Avenue and 4th Street, situated just east of the 710 Freeway. Sky5 captured footage of the harrowing scene, revealing that three vehicles were entangled in the collision. Preliminary information suggests that deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle, although it was unclear which specific vehicle had been stolen. The collision left a white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with severe front-end damage, while a smaller car behind it had its rear end completely destroyed, as reported by KTLA 5's Rich Prickett. A third vehicle involved in the crash came to a rest a short distance away from the other two, at the center of a nearby intersection. Law enforcement officials promptly apprehended the suspect and provided medical assistance as Sky5 recorded the dramatic scene. Additionally, the suspect is suspected of assaulting a deputy with a deadly weapon, although the exact type of weapon used has not been disclosed. The total number of victims has not yet been confirmed by authorities, but the severity of the incident prompted the dispatch of as many as six ambulances to the scene, according to Prickett's report.  
Location: 4th St & Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA
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