A tragic accident in southwestern Egypt has left 17 people dead and 29 injured after a collision between a public bus and a cargo truck in the desert. Authorities are investigating the causes of the accident while facing an increase in traffic accidents in the country due to reckless driving and poor road conditions. Road accidents claimed the lives of over 7,000 people in Egypt in 2021. The incident marks yet another devastating loss of human life to the dangers of road travel in Egypt. The collision occurred in a remote area around the desert, where the lack of proper infrastructure and maintenance of the roads increases the risk of accidents. The overloaded cargo truck swerved into the lane of the public bus, causing a head-on collision. The tragedy left a total of 17 people dead, including several children, and 29 others injured, according to local media reports. Those who survived the crash suffered from broken bones, severe bleeding, and other injuries, and were rushed to nearby hospitals for emergency medical treatment. The Egyptian government is yet to comment on the accident, but it is expected that the authorities will take measures to improve the road infrastructure and enforcement of traffic safety laws. Yet, genuine changes have been hard to come by, as despite the government's efforts, reckless driving, and poor road conditions continue to pose a grave risk to road users in the country. Originally posted at Liga Legal®