Box Truck Driver's Tragic Death

In a tragic incident that occurred last Monday near Chatsworth, California, a 23-year-old man lost his life when a piece of lumber went through the windshield of the box truck he was driving. The victim, identified as Manny Camacho, was driving on the highway when he collided with a lumber truck in front of him, resulting in the fatal accident. Camacho's mother, M'Liss Silva, shared with KTTV that her son suffered "blunt force trauma to his torso," which led to his untimely demise. Camacho's uncle, Marc Martinez, expressed his belief that Manny was a safe driver and considered the incident a tragic yet potentially avoidable freak accident. According to reports, Camacho was an outstanding individual who graduated high school with a remarkable GPA exceeding 4.0. He excelled in various sports, achieving league champion status in football, wrestling, and track. Additionally, Camacho made it to the dean's list during his first year at Azusa Pacific University. In the wake of this devastating loss, Camacho's family initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help cover funeral expenses, setting a goal of $20,000. Remarkably, the campaign has garnered immense support, raising over $16,000, thanks to contributions from compassionate individuals. In an update on the GoFundMe page, M'Liss Silva expressed her deep sorrow over the loss of her firstborn son but found solace in the belief that he is now at peace, resting in the arms of their Father. The community's outpouring of support during this difficult time has been a source of comfort to the grieving family.  
Location: Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA
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