Tulare Horror

In the early hours of Thursday morning in Tulare, California, authorities responded to a distress call reporting a car collision with a power pole on Bardsley near Laspina. To their surprise, upon arrival, they found the vehicle ablaze, seemingly without any prior crash. Firefighters swiftly intervened, extinguishing the flames, yet the driver was nowhere to be found. Amidst the investigation, a grim discovery unfolded as one firefighter stumbled upon the lifeless body of a 57-year-old woman from Los Angeles concealed within the trunk of the vehicle. Law enforcement officials wasted no time in delving into the matter, swiftly identifying 44-year-old Branden Bayilynn Howard as the primary suspect in what appeared to be a homicide case. Howard was promptly apprehended later that day on charges of homicide, bringing some semblance of closure to the unfolding tragedy. However, authorities opted to withhold the victim's identity until her next of kin could be notified, respecting the sensitivity of the situation.
Location: S Laspina St & E Bardsley Ave, Tulare, CA 93274, USA
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