Two Teenage Girls Struck by Car

Two teenage girls were involved in a devastating accident near Salinas High School on a Thursday morning. The incident occurred at approximately 8 a.m. as the girls were on their way to the school campus. Shockingly, they were in the crosswalk when a driver struck them both. Fortunately, the driver, who was not a student, did the responsible thing by stopping at the scene and cooperating with the police. Following the collision, emergency services were summoned, and the students were promptly taken to the hospital for a thorough evaluation. Meanwhile, Salinas High School swiftly responded to the situation by sending a statement to parents. In this message, the school assured parents that counseling staff would be available to provide support to students who were affected by witnessing this traumatic incident. The school recognized the potential for students arriving late to class due to traffic disruptions near the campus and emphasized the importance of flexibility in such cases. Salinas High's Wellness Center and counseling staff were fully prepared to offer assistance and support to anyone dealing with the emotional aftermath of this tragic accident.  
Location: 726 S Main St, Salinas, CA 93901, United States
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