Fatal Duck Hunting Mishap

In a heartbreaking incident during a father-son hunting trip in rural Yolo County, tragedy struck as a 13-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father. The Yolo County Sheriff's Office reported that the incident occurred just after 7 a.m. near Dunnigan on County Line Road, east of Interstate 5, near the Colusa County border. This area is known for its flooded rice fields that attract ducks, making it a popular spot for duck hunters. The tragic event unfolded when the young boy made a distress call to 911, seeking help after accidentally shooting his father. Although the hunting buddies in the area, Matt Jones and John Zendejas, did not know the family involved, they emphasized the tight-knit nature of the hunting community, where everyone watches out for each other. Yolo County Sheriff's detectives investigated the shooting and classified it as a tragic accident based on the circumstances and the call made by the boy. He explained that his gun had gone off accidentally in the duck blind, striking his father, and he had begun performing CPR on him. Safety is a top priority for hunters like Jones and Zendejas, especially when they are accompanied by young family members. They stressed the importance of firearm safety and constant vigilance. The incident has left the community in mourning, as they empathize with the young hunter who must carry the weight of the accident for the rest of his life. Both the father and son had hunting licenses, which require hunters to undergo safety courses covering firearm handling and outdoor knowledge. Despite the tragedy, the boy will not face any charges.  
Location: 38°54'37.2"N 121°59'27.4"W, Dunnigan, CA, USA
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