Tragedy on I-5

Two people died Wednesday morning after a car traveling in the wrong direction on I-5 crashed into another car, causing the innocent driver's car to catch fire. All southbound lanes of I-5 were closed for several hours as the California Highway Patrol investigated the accident and worked to clear the scene. As of 7 a.m., the lanes were still blocked, causing traffic in the area. We sent a reporter to the scene on I-5, just before the Palomar Street exit. That area was completely blocked. The California Highway Patrol reported receiving calls around 3 a.m. about the wrong-way car in the southbound lanes on Camino De La Plaza, near the border. Our Breaking News Tracker captured video of one of the cars fully engulfed in flames at one point. We spoke with someone who witnessed the crash. They said the wrong-way driver was recklessly driving in a red Honda, and the car traveling in the right direction, which caught fire, appears to be a Dodge Challenger. "The other car caught fire right away. When I got off, we saw the guy in the right lane trying to get out. It was so quick," said Juan Zamorano. "The fire consumed the car so quickly he was out of it. I tried to help the guy... The guy going the wrong way tried to help him, too, but he also left... We saw him trying to get out." This crash is causing significant traffic delays.  
Location: 32°36'06.6"N 117°05'23.3"W, Chula Vista, CA, USA
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