Serious Traffic Accident in San Jose

In the early hours of Thursday morning, a serious incident shook the quiet neighborhood of San Jose, leaving a pedestrian critically injured after being struck by a vehicle. According to police authorities, the incident occurred around 5:22 a.m. near the intersection of Story Road and Roberts Avenue. The victim, a woman whose identity has not been disclosed, was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital with injuries initially deemed as potentially life-threatening. However, police sources later confirmed that the woman had been stabilized and is expected to survive her injuries. The impact of this tragic accident was not limited solely to the victim's health, but also significantly affected morning traffic in the area for approximately four hours. San Jose police closed off the stretch of Story Road eastbound between Roberts and Lucretia Avenues while conducting investigations at the accident scene. As the investigation unfolds, details about the circumstances leading to this unfortunate incident are expected to come to light. Meanwhile, the community of San Jose remains on edge, sending thoughts of support to the victim and her loved ones, and reflecting on the importance of road safety in our streets. This accident serves as a grim reminder of the fragility of life and the need to maintain focus and caution while behind the wheel at all times. In moments like these, it is crucial for us to come together as a community to provide support and solidarity to those affected by tragedies like this one.
Location: San Jose
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