Read about the tragic incident in Sorrento Valley where a woman, Karen Marie Johnson, lost her life after being hit by a car while attempting to cross a street with the "Do Not Cross" signal in red. Get details about the accident, the victim's identity, and the measures taken by emergency services. A reminder of the importance of road safety in San Diego. The incident that took place in Sorrento Valley was a heartbreaking tragedy that claimed the life of Karen Marie Johnson. She was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross a street despite the clear indication of the "Do Not Cross" signal being illuminated in red. This unfortunate incident serves as a somber reminder of the critical importance of adhering to traffic regulations and prioritizing road safety. The accident occurred at an intersection in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. Karen Marie Johnson, a vibrant and beloved member of the community, lost her life in a split second due to this tragic incident. It serves as a poignant reminder of how one lapse in judgment can have devastating consequences. Emergency services were promptly alerted and arrived at the scene to provide immediate assistance. However, despite their efforts, Karen Marie Johnson succumbed to her injuries. This incident has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of a remarkable individual whose life was cut short. The details surrounding the accident are still under investigation. Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to gather evidence and determine the exact sequence of events leading to this tragic incident. It is crucial to await the official findings before drawing any conclusions. The community is deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident and sends its condolences to Karen Marie Johnson's family and loved ones. The loss of a cherished member of the community is deeply felt, and their grief is shared by everyone who knew her. This tragedy should serve as a reminder to all residents and visitors of San Diego about the importance of road safety. It is imperative that pedestrians and drivers alike prioritize caution and adhere to traffic signals and regulations. Negligence and reckless behavior can have severe consequences, as illustrated by this devastating incident. In conclusion, the Sorrento Valley community mourns the loss of Karen Marie Johnson, who tragically lost her life while attempting to cross a street against a "Do Not Cross" signal. The incident highlights the critical need for road safety and serves as a reminder for everyone to exercise caution and follow traffic regulations. Let us honor Karen Marie Johnson's memory by fostering a culture of responsible and attentive driving in San Diego. Originally posted at Liga Legal®