A car accident occurred in Madera last Sunday resulting in three people being injured, with one of them being flown to the hospital via helicopter. The accident happened on Granada Drive when a driver attempted to overtake the vehicle in front and lost control, colliding with another vehicle traveling north. The incident is currently under investigation and further details are yet to be released. As a result of the collision, three individuals were hospitalized and are receiving medical attention. The severity of their injuries is unknown at this time. The road on Granada Drive was temporarily closed following the accident to allow emergency services to attend the scene. Incidents like these are a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for drivers to exercise caution at all times when behind the wheel. It is crucial that drivers adhere to traffic laws and regulations to help prevent accidents like this from occurring. We hope that those injured in this incident make a speedy recovery and that authorities continue to investigate the root cause of the accident. This news and more legal updates can be found at Liga Legal®, your go-to source for legal news and information. Originally posted at Liga Legal®