Collision on State Route 162

A devastating accident occurred on Wednesday, involving two pickup trucks at the intersection of State Route 162 and Wilbur Road in Oroville, California. One man, 38-year-old Timothy William McCaskill, found himself in critical condition as a result. According to the Oroville Area California Highway Patrol (CHP), the incident unfolded when Timothy McCaskill was driving his white Chevrolet pickup truck westbound on State Route 162, nearing the intersection of Wilbur Road. Simultaneously, a Ford pickup truck was attempting to cross SR-162, unaware of the approaching Chevrolet from the east. Tragically, the two vehicles collided, resulting in severe injuries for McCaskill. He was swiftly transported to Enloe Medical Center. Marie Campbell, McCaskill's wife, shared the heart-wrenching news that her husband is now in the intensive care unit at UC Davis. He has sustained multiple facial fractures, a broken right leg, femur, shin, and ankle. Campbell implores fellow drivers to exercise caution on the roads, emphasizing how life can change in an instant. "It's just hard; it could happen to anybody, you know? He has five kids, his youngest just had a birthday today. I just need people to pray for our family, pray for our kids, and pray that he makes a full recovery because he's practically fighting for his life right now," Campbell emotionally expressed. With McCaskill being a contractor, Campbell is in the process of launching a GoFundMe campaign to gather support for their family. This incident occurred while McCaskill was en route to work. Campbell issued a heartfelt plea to the Oroville community and Butte County, urging drivers to slow down, be more attentive, and pay closer attention to road safety. She emphasized the gravity of the situation, reminding everyone that their actions on the road can impact lives in profound ways. The Oroville CHP stated that alcohol and drugs did not appear to be contributing factors in the collision. An investigation into the accident is still underway.  
Location: CA-162 & Wilbur Rd, Thermalito, CA 95965, USA
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