Read about the tragedy in Selma that left one person dead and several injured. Learn how the driver, Chui Shin, under the influence of alcohol, caused the fatal crash on Highway 99. Get details about the incident and the current state of the investigation in this shocking report. The incident that occurred in Selma is a tragic event that has left the community in shock. One person lost their life and several others were injured as a result of a car accident on Highway 99. The driver responsible for this tragic incident, Chui Shin, was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. The collision took place in dramatic lighting conditions, as depicted in the image above. This image captures the aftermath of the accident, showing the severity of the crash and the resulting damage to the vehicles involved. It serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences that can occur when individuals choose to drink and drive. The investigation into the incident is currently underway, with law enforcement authorities working diligently to gather all the necessary evidence and gather witness statements. The aim of the investigation is to determine the full extent of the driver's negligence and hold them accountable for their actions. The arrest of Chui Shin, the intoxicated driver, provides some level of closure for the victims and their families. It signifies that justice is being served and sends a strong message that driving under the influence will not be tolerated. This arrest serves as a reminder to all drivers to act responsibly and make the decision to designate a sober driver or use alternative modes of transportation when consuming alcohol. The tragedy in Selma serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of responsible drinking and the severe consequences that can result from driving under the influence. It is crucial for individuals to understand that the choices they make can have life-altering effects not only for themselves but also for innocent individuals who may be involved in any resulting accidents. In conclusion, the tragic car accident in Selma has left one person dead and several others injured. The driver, Chui Shin, was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. The investigation is ongoing, and it is important for justice to be served and for the responsible party to be held accountable for their actions. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving and the need for individuals to make responsible choices to ensure their own safety and the safety of others on the road. Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados