[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Episode 39 of the San Gabriel Valley Master Key podcast, co-hosted by Attorney Scott Warmuth, officially released yesterday! Episode 39 features Teddy Bedjakian, restaurateur of Edwin Mills by Equator.

Episode Description:

Teddy Bedjakian is the restaurateur of Edwin Mills by Equator located in Old Pasadena. Teddy started at that location back when it was known as Equator Coffee House. He was the one who decided to rebrand, and thus rename, the café in order to survive and thrive against the competition between coffee shops during 2014. Surviving and thriving has been a part of Teddy's life since he was young. His family immigrated to the US when he was 7 years old from Armenia where they were being targeted. Growing up Teddy describes himself as a tough kid, from living in a tough neighborhood during the time when Pasadena was not the prime place to hang out.

Currently Teddy has brought life back to the alley where his restaurant resides in Old Pasadena, while going through all the difficulties the pandemic has presented to him. He enjoys bringing the history of Pasadena, particularly the building that houses his restaurant, to the awareness of all who visit his establishment.

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