Violent Robbery on Los Angeles Freeway

An unidentified man suffered an unimaginable fate on the Los Angeles freeway yesterday, after being robbed in broad daylight just minutes after his vehicle crashed.

The shocking incident was captured on video and is now causing a stir on the internet, raising questions about the direction our nation is heading.

Gunpoint Robbery After Accident on Los Angeles Freeway

The alarming incident occurred yesterday afternoon on the 10 freeway between Crenshaw and Arlington. As shown in the video, a passerby on the freeway recorded a group of men dressed in black stepping out of a gray minivan, all wearing facial masks. Around four or five men carried out the unpleasant and brutal act.

As they shouted "hands up," they approached the accident victim, a man who appeared to still be processing the accident. His black vehicle was severely damaged, with the airbag inflated, the side compressed, and smoke coming out of the hood.

However, his safety didn't matter, as the armed men ordered him to kneel down and raise his hands while they searched his vehicle. They were seen picking something up from the front seat before proceeding to check the trunk. The robbers had a white Ford waiting next to the crashed vehicle as their getaway car.

What's even more surprising is that witnesses on the freeway slowed down to get a closer look at the madness, but that didn't seem to deter the armed assailants. Another man was even seen walking behind the gang of robbers, recording what was happening with his phone.

One of the masked men tried to intimidate the witness recording, but he seemed to receive instructions from his colleague to ignore him and look for something else in the victim's trunk, so they could escape as soon as possible.

According to the start of the video, the attack seemed quite premeditated. Additionally, the clip's caption, shared by Street People of Los Angeles on Instagram, describes the incident.

"Shocking video from yesterday afternoon on the 10 freeway between Crenshaw and Arlington showing a victim being chased by 2 vehicles and at least 4 suspects, causing a crash in the emergency lane. The armed suspects then exit the vehicles and appear to rob the victim, who has his hands up, then search his car before fleeing," the accompanying caption read.

Internet Users Lament Los Angeles Becoming "The Purge"

The shocking video quickly caught attention and received comments from internet users who couldn't believe what they were seeing. One follower commented, "This guy has money and he's been followed for a while. It's sad that you can't have anything nice anymore or you'll become a target."

Another fan wrote, "The guy recording is a hero. Try this in Texas or Arizona, a freeway full of armed citizens would scare off these losers," while another user supported the sentiment, adding, "Man, it's strange that these armed robberies hardly ever happen in states where everyone carries weapons...".

A frustrated citizen commented, "Shaking my head. Los Angeles is literally 'The Purge' every day," while another follower agreed, writing, "Los Angeles isn't safe."

Others, however, blamed the horrifying incident on the lack of firearms in Los Angeles. "But if you were to stop and shoot them, the prosecutor would throw the book at you and send you to prison for life, and if the people you shot survive, they would be allowed to sue you and probably wouldn't spend a day in jail," one person commented.

Another similar comment stated, "Always carry one! I'd rather explain it to the judge than have a police officer explain it to my family."

Another comment read, "That's why California needs concealed carry. This would have never happened." Some commentators shared theories about what might have caused the robbery.

A follower speculated, "This was NOT random. They knew exactly what to look for. Perhaps a diamond courier? Or had he just made a big payout at a casino?"

Los Angeles authorities have not yet issued a public statement about the incident.

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