Pursuit in Commerce

A motorcyclist trying to evade California Highway Patrol officers was involved in a dramatic crash on Interstate 5 on Friday night. The pursuit, which began in the city of Pomona and stretched across Orange County, became increasingly dangerous as the motorcyclist accelerated to speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour and weaved through traffic on the freeway. The crash occurred around 8:40 p.m. near Atlantic Boulevard in Los Angeles, on the northbound side of Interstate 5. According to eyewitnesses, the motorcyclist was thrown about 50 feet from his bike after hitting a concrete barrier. The impact was so violent that some witnesses described it as one of the most intense crashes they had ever seen. Despite the severity of the accident, the motorcyclist appeared to be conscious after the crash. Emergency services arrived quickly at the scene and transported the motorcyclist to a nearby hospital. As of now, the severity of his injuries and his current condition are unknown. Interstate 5 had to be temporarily closed while authorities investigated the accident and cleared the scene. The situation caused major traffic congestion in the area, affecting thousands of drivers who were on the freeway at the time. Authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the exact circumstances that led to this accident and to identify the motorcyclist involved.  
Location: 34°00'33.0"N 118°09'32.0"W, Commerce, CA, USA
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