Collision on Interstate 680

Two people suffered serious injuries on Saturday in Walnut Creek, after a car crashed into a ladder truck from the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District on Interstate 680. The truck was parked near the Olympic Boulevard exit when it was struck around 10 a.m. Fire Captain Joe Ottolini explained that the truck was positioned on the highway to provide coverage for firefighters who were working at the scene of another car accident. Ottolini noted that, fortunately, the truck was in that position, as the situation could have resulted in more injuries. Inside the car that collided with the truck were two individuals, both of whom suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital for medical attention. Additionally, four firefighters from the ladder truck were taken to the hospital for evaluation, but the fire department later reported on social media that all had been cleared to return to work. This accident was the second of its kind that Saturday. In Fremont, another fire truck was hit twice on two separate occasions while parked in the morning as firefighting teams provided assistance at another separate crash. While authorities are expected to assess the damage to the ladder truck, the positive news is that the four affected firefighters are already back on duty.  
Location: 37°53'28.3"N 122°03'41.9"W, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, USA
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