Morning Gridlock Alert

In the early hours of the morning, commuters traveling on Interstate 15 South faced significant delays and chaos due to a multi-vehicle collision near the I-215 interchange, resulting in major injuries. At approximately 5:38 AM, a black Honda Civic and a black Chevy Silverado collided, sending both vehicles crashing into the center divider, setting off a chain of events that led to traffic disruptions and severe injuries. The collision had a profound impact as it left at least one wheel obstructing the lanes, creating dangerous driving conditions for approaching traffic. The black Chevy pickup bore the brunt of the collision, sustaining major damage and coming to a halt approximately 200 yards south of the initial crash site. The driver of the Chevy Silverado was reported to have suffered major injuries. In response to the incident, authorities implemented traffic control measures to ensure the safety of first responders and other motorists. Around 6:16 AM, the right lane was reopened, allowing some traffic to pass through while emergency services continued their efforts at the scene. Multiple response teams, including California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and towing services, worked together to manage the situation, clear debris, and remove the wrecked vehicles from the accident site. By approximately 6:17 AM, the CHP logs indicated that Hayes Tow Company had arrived at the scene. Currently, the California Highway Patrol is actively investigating the cause of this crash, aiming to determine the factors that led to this early morning incident on the busy I-15 South freeway.  
Location: I-15, San Bernardino, CA 92407, USA
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