Two Cal State Fullerton students were involved in a car accident on Nutwood Avenue in front of Nutwood Parking Structure, causing traffic delays on Wednesday. Out of the four drivers involved, two were students who didn't suffer any injuries, but their vehicles sustained damages to the front bumper and right side. Both cars were towed by Anaheim Fullerton Towing. The other two vehicles involved were able to drive away after speaking with the two responding Fullerton police officers. Kenrick Luong, a fifth-year computer engineering student, was driving a gray Toyota Corolla, one of the cars involved in the accident. "I was driving here on the street as usual, and there's a stop sign here to exit Nutwood, and basically, he ran the stop sign and hit me on the side as I was passing, and then I slid into two other cars in front of me," said Luong. Yousif Alrawe, a second-year computer science student, was driving a white Toyota Corolla, the other car involved in the crash. He denied running the stop sign. "I was pulling out," said Alrawe. "He crashed into me and then crashed into another car, and that other car crashed into another car too." The Fullerton Police Department did not respond to requests for comment. Alrawe said his car is likely to be considered a total loss as it wouldn't start after the accident. Luong said that his insurance will likely cover the damages to his vehicle. "It happens," said Luong. "But as long as nobody gets hurt, then it's okay." Originally posted at Abogados de Choques