Officer's Bold Maneuver Averted Tragedy on Highway 101

In a daring act of heroism, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer intentionally crashed into a wrong-way driver on Highway 101 during the late hours of Wednesday night. This courageous maneuver likely prevented serious injury or even death to other motorists in the vicinity. The officer emerged from the collision unharmed, demonstrating remarkable bravery in the face of danger. The wrong-way driver, identified as 85-year-old Inglewood resident Maria Hernandez, was transported to Cottage Hospital after complaining of chest pain. According to a CHP spokesperson, neither alcohol nor drugs played a role in the incident. The harrowing incident unfolded around 2 a.m. when dispatchers started receiving frantic calls about a wrong-way driver headed southbound in the northbound lanes of Highway 101 near El Capitan State Beach. Responding swiftly, two CHP units with their emergency lights and sirens activated positioned themselves in the number one and two lanes just south of Dos Pueblos. Despite their efforts, Hernandez showed no signs of slowing down and recklessly passed by them. Even after a third CHP unit joined the pursuit, they remained unsuccessful in stopping the rogue driver. It was only when a fourth unit positioned themselves north of Cathedral Oaks that a daring plan was executed. As the wrong-way vehicle continued its dangerous course, the CHP officer in pursuit turned the patrol vehicle and intentionally collided with Hernandez's vehicle, bringing it to a halt. The CHP later issued a statement explaining the officer's decisive action, stating, "This action potentially saved the motoring public from possible injuries and/or death." As a result of her reckless driving, Maria Hernandez now faces charges of driving on the wrong side of the road, classified as a misdemeanor offense.  
Location: US-101, Goleta, CA 93117, USA
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