A California couple, identified as Christopher Phelps and Kimberley Phelps, is facing criminal charges for causing vehicle collisions and collecting insurance payouts. The couple allegedly caused a series of accidents in Southern California that were posted on their YouTube channel "BLU3 GHO57". An investigation by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office in California found that the channel had 162 videos of vehicle collisions, road rage incidents, and other content. Of these videos, 23 collisions were linked to 17 insurance claims filed by Christopher Phelps. Furthermore, the channel contained 42 videos of intentional collisions and road rage incidents. Despite this, Christopher Phelps accused others of trying to play the victim. One of the affected drivers, Jeremy Perales, claimed that Phelps intentionally collided with him while he was driving normally in April 2022. In the video posted on the YouTube channel, Christopher Phelps accuses Perales of the same crime for which he has been arrested. The investigation revealed that the couple's son was also present in the vehicle during several of the incidents. The couple faces criminal charges for endangering their child and insurance fraud. Christopher Phelps also faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Both have pleaded not guilty. Christopher Phelps is in custody on a $500,000 bond, while Kimberley Phelps' bond has been reduced to $170,000. The criminal charges against the couple include several serious offenses, such as insurance fraud and endangering their child. According to the investigation, the Phelps deliberately caused several traffic accidents in order to profit from insurance claims. The videos posted on their YouTube channel "BLU3 GHO57" were used as evidence against them. The news has generated outrage and concern in the local community. Many are wondering how a couple could endanger their own child and other drivers on the road in order to gain financial benefits. Authorities have emphasized that the behavior of the Phelps is unacceptable and that they will be brought to justice. This case has also highlighted the importance of technology in fighting insurance fraud and other crimes. Thanks to the couple's YouTube channel, authorities were able to obtain solid evidence and carry out a thorough investigation. It is hoped that this case will serve as a warning to those who attempt to commit similar crimes in the future. In summary, the California couple faces serious criminal charges for causing intentional traffic accidents and collecting insurance payouts. Their YouTube channel "BLU3 GHO57" was used as evidence against them, and their son was also present during several of the incidents. The news has generated concern in the local community and highlights the importance of technology in fighting insurance fraud and other crimes. Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados