Two arrested for multiple car thefts in Vallejo!

Two people were arrested after a minor committed multiple car thefts in a hotel parking lot, according to the Vallejo Police Department. The incident occurred when Vallejo police officers responded to a vehicle burglary call at a hotel in the 1100 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane, around 1:30 a.m. on March 14. A hotel staff member reported that a man dressed entirely in black and wearing a ski mask was burglarizing multiple vehicles in the parking lot. Responding officers noticed a man driving a Toyota Avalon leaving the parking lot without headlights. As the driver passed the Avalon, officers observed that the man was dressed entirely in black and wearing a ski mask. The officers initiated a pursuit, but due to concerns for public safety, they canceled it. The California Highway Patrol Air Unit began to follow the Avalon. According to the police investigation, the driver was a minor who was on felony probation for grand theft. The driver was arrested and taken to a local hospital for medical evaluation. Subsequently, he would be taken to the county juvenile detention center. The minor's mother was informed about the situation and that the Avalon would be towed from the scene. Officers searched the Avalon for stolen property and were able to locate the victims at the hotel. The stolen property was returned to the affected owners. In another turn of events, officers conducted a welfare check on the man inside the Audi. It was discovered that he had four outstanding arrest warrants with a total bail of $40,000. He was arrested for the warrants and taken to the county jail.
Location: Vallejo
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