Two teenagers, Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, lost their lives in a tragic accident while riding their electric bicycles in Cardiff. The family of the two teenagers has revealed that it was an early birthday present for the youngest, a celebration that can never take place. Following a community vigil in Ely honouring Kyrees and Harvey, the younger boy's aunt and grandmother expressed that next month should have been his 16th birthday. The sharing of CCTV images on social media, showing a South Wales Police van following the youngsters on their Sur-Ron electric bicycle, sparked unrest and violent clashes in Ely. In the wake of the tragic accident, Harvey's mother stood for over two hours next to police barriers, pleading for information about her son and his friend's situation, without receiving any response. The relatives of the deceased teenagers expressed their mistrust of police action, which was shared by other members of the community at the 1,500-person vigil. The peaceful demonstration turned violent, with nine people arrested and 15 police officers injured. Although South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Alun Michael, denied any pursuit had occurred, the police subsequently confirmed that a van had followed Kyrees and Harvey. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched an investigation to establish the circumstances of the incident. The two women who spoke on Harvey's behalf described their passion for electric bikes and scooters, and how they were inseparable brothers. The relatives of the deceased teenagers expressed their frustration and discontent with police action in the area and highlighted the need for a change in the relationship between young people and authorities. The IOPC has called for witnesses who may have witnessed the moments leading up to the accident and is examining the police interaction with the teenagers, as well as the appropriateness of the decisions and actions of officers. It will also investigate whether the police van was pursuing and whether the interaction between the officers and the teenagers was reported accurately before and after the collision. The community of Ely is in mourning for the loss of two young lives, and political and community leaders have come together to discuss the implications of this tragic event. They have agreed to jointly create a community plan for Ely, which will address the long-term needs of residents and will be sponsored by local organisations, the Welsh government and Cardiff council. The aim is to respond to the needs of the community and achieve concrete results for the inhabitants of Ely. Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes