A 14-year-old girl lost her life after being ejected from a car which violently crashed into the rear of a parked UPS truck in Queens. Police are investigating why a 16-year-old boy was behind the wheel with another minor. The New York Police Department reported that the driver had a Learner's Permit and was speeding. "As a mother, I don't want to go through this. I found her bracelet and I can't sleep. I came to find her. I came to find my daughter," said Keisha Francis, the victim's mother. Francis desperately searched for anything that would remind her of her 14-year-old daughter, Fortune Williams, among the broken glass on Thursday morning. A bracelet was all that was left after the fatal accident. "I have three kids and she showed me more love than anything else. At night, I had to cuddle up with Fortune, I couldn't sleep last night. I can't live without my daughter," Francis said. At a vigil on Thursday night, Francis and the victim's aunt couldn't bear the weight of unbearable pain. So many loved ones came that the police had to intervene to control traffic, with a sea of purple overflowing onto the street. Before the police arrived, the sound of accelerating vehicles drowning the wail of a mother could be heard. Fortune was a passenger in the red BMW. Eyewitness News obtained a video but stopped before showing the car crashing into the rear of a parked UPS truck. The impact made the delivery driver fall to the ground. "The car was going about 90-100 mph," said a witness. An eyewitness says the 16-year-old driver of the BMW was following a delivery truck closely on North Conduit Avenue on Wednesday at around 6:45 p.m. when he tried to change lanes and lost control. The police, who set up a speed radar the next day, report that the teenage driver was driving at a high speed. The driver survived, but Fortune was thrown from the car upon impact. She was a student at Springfield Gardens High School and was interested in the field of medicine. Her life was cut short, leaving her mother with a forever-empty feeling. "My life will never be the same without Fortune. Fortune is a sweet and loving child," said Francis. Fortune's mother says she was working a double shift on the night of this tragedy. Fortune was at home with her older sister but went outside to hang out in her friend's car. Sadly, she never returned home. The 16-year-old car driver was taken to Cohen Children's Medical Center, where he is in stable condition. This tragic accident has left the Queens community stunned and shocked. Authorities are investigating the circumstances that led to this fatal crash and why an underage driver was behind the wheel without the proper license and at an excessive speed. The loss of Fortune at such a young age has left an impossible void in the hearts of her mother and all those who loved her. The community has come together in a vigil to honor her memory and support her family in this time of deep sorrow. It is important that authorities conduct a thorough investigation to determine the responsibilities in this tragic incident and take the necessary steps to prevent future similar accidents. Road safety and compliance with traffic laws are essential in preventing tragedies like this. The loss of a life so young and full of promise reminds us of the importance of valuing every moment and taking all necessary precautions while behind the wheel. Every life lost on the roads is a tragedy that affects us all. Originally posted at Liga Legal®