Tragedy in Westchester: Five children died in a car accident while asking for money in New Jersey. Last month, five children died in a tragic car accident in Westchester County. Authorities believe that the children, who lived in Connecticut, were returning home after asking for money at a New Jersey shopping center. Zahnyiah and Shawnell Cross, aged 12 and 11 respectively, their brothers AJ Billips Jr., aged 17, and Andrew Billips, aged 8, and their cousin Malik Smith Jr., aged 16, died in the accident, while Abraham Billips, aged 9, survived. Malik Smith Jr., who did not have a driver's license and was driving a rented car from a family member, lost control of the vehicle on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale, veered off the road and crashed into a tree, causing the car to burst into flames. Smith is believed to have become distracted or fallen asleep at the wheel. According to reports, authorities discovered that the children were asking for money at a New Jersey shopping center before the accident. However, Westchester police could not confirm if the children were actually begging for money. In August 2022, police arrested AJ Billips Jr. and his brothers while they were asking for money in a similar manner to that in New Jersey, claiming they were raising funds for a youth basketball team, but there was no record of the team. AJ Billips Jr. also initially gave officers a false name and date of birth. The Billips family continues to be investigated by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. Malik Smith Jr.'s father, Malik Smith Sr., had warned his son not to drive without a license or permit. Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes