Tragedy in Capitola, Santa Cruz County The Capitola police are searching for the driver responsible for a tragic hit-and-run that claimed the life of 70-year-old Debra Town. The incident occurred on Saturday night at the intersection of Bay Avenue and Crossroads Loop. According to investigators, the vehicle involved is a dark-colored SUV with slim headlights. The tragic accident took place around 8:30 p.m. as Town was attempting to cross the road in a southbound direction. After the collision, the suspect drove through the parking lot at 820 Bay Ave., re-entered Crossroads Loop, and possibly turned east onto Hill Street, as reported by the Capitola police in a Facebook post. The police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification and capture of the fugitive driver. This tragic incident has rekindled calls to take action to improve road safety at the intersection of Bay Avenue and Hill Street, which is only a few hundred feet from where the hit-and-run occurred. This intersection is crucial as it leads to a major shopping center and has been a constant source of concern for Capitola residents. Employees of the nearby Pete's Coffee store have pointed out that the intersection is known to be dangerous and heavily trafficked. A few months ago, one of their customers was hit by a car while crossing the intersection. On Monday afternoon, witnesses reported that several cars were speeding and disregarding stop signs as people, many of them elderly, crossed the road. Town's daughter, Adrienne West, emphasized the lack of protection in the area and expressed concern for the safety of the older population residing in the area. Residents of the Town community have been urging city authorities to address safety concerns at the intersection and along Bay Avenue for some time. Some have even chosen to wear safety vests while walking due to the constant danger of speeding cars. Vice Mayor Kristen Brown visited the community before the tragedy and promised improvements, but some residents feel that these measures have been delayed too long. The city recently painted crosswalks and plans to conduct a traffic study and implement temporary measures to calm traffic. Kristen Brown assured that the residents' concerns are being addressed and their safety is a priority. Location: Bay Avenue & Crossroads Loop, Capitola, CA, USA Contact us here on the Ligalegal website or through our hotline at 626-790-7543. Legal Help in English visit Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes