The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a report on Wednesday urging the search for ways to expedite the hiring of more crossing guards, driven by a sense of urgency following an accident that claimed the life of a woman and critically injured her 6-year-old daughter near Hancock Park Elementary School on April 25. The council instructed the city's transportation department to collaborate with the Los Angeles Unified School District and find ways to reduce the time needed to complete criminal background checks and obtain medical authorization. "While the district continues to push for the acceleration of crossing guard hiring, we also know that crossing guards alone will not solve the problem of pedestrian safety, therefore we also support the modified motion language that considers other measures that can improve pedestrian safety," said LAUSD representative Genesis Coronado during public comments. Council members instructed the city's personnel department to report on the feasibility of using initiatives such as Local Targeted Hiring and Bridge to Employment programs to recruit and hire crossing guards. The council is also considering implementing a cash referral program. The transportation staff will present a progress report on their efforts to hire more crossing guards, and the department will provide a list of eligible priority school locations for a crossing guard to the LAUSD. Lastly, the council instructed the transportation department to consider the use of flashing lights and cameras to improve pedestrian safety around schools, increase police presence, examine best practices from other locations and jurisdictions, and install more speed bumps near schools. The Los Angeles Police Department said the fatal accident on April 25 "appears to be a tragic accident" that occurred because the driver had a medical emergency. Ghadah Abduljabbar, 33, died at the accident scene near Ogden Drive and Colgate Avenue in the Mid-Wilshire area, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office confirmed. The girl, a first-grader at Hancock Park Elementary School, was hospitalized. Nick Melvoin, LAUSD board member representing the Fourth District, addressed the council's Transportation Committee the day after the accident and urged the committee to implement measures to ensure public safety at schools. "I have the privilege and the sadness of representing the school and families of Hancock Park Elementary School, where yesterday we witnessed the unthinkable traffic tragedy with… a van striking a first-grade girl and her mother as they crossed the street towards the school," Melvoin said. "The conflict between a car-oriented city and students heading to school is tragically constant. I don't know if a crossing guard, a speed reducer, a sign, or a traffic light would have prevented this tragedy, but I do know that these measures can prevent future ones." Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes