Serious Accident in Temecula

Two minors were seriously injured in an accident in Temecula, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The crash occurred on Wednesday, March 20, just before 8 p.m., near North General Kearny Road and Nicolas Road. According to investigators, the minors were thrown from the Sur-Ron bicycle when it collided with a Honda sedan. The driver of the Honda was not injured, according to a press release. The statement did not specify which party was responsible for the accident. According to the Sheriff's Department, a bicycle lacking pedals and powered by a motor over 750 watts is an electric motorcycle and cannot be legally ridden by unlicensed youth on public streets. To ride an electric motorcycle on public streets, riders must have: a valid motorcycle license, a Department of Transportation-certified motorcycle helmet, valid registration, and minimum motorcycle liability insurance. The bicycle lacked basic safety equipment necessary for use on public streets, according to the statement. Sergeant Deirdre Vickers, a sheriff's spokesperson, declined to say how old the minors were. She said they did not have a license but did not specify if they were old enough to have one. She also did not say if they were wearing helmets or what safety equipment they were missing.  
Location: Temecula
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