[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Episode 16 of the San Gabriel Valley Master Key podcast, co-hosted by Attorney Scott Warmuth, was officially released yesterday! Episode 16 features Rande Sotomayer, civil litigation attorney. Episode Description:

Rande has transitioned from litigation attorney to mediator to afford parties the opportunity to settle their legal disputes before spending precious resources on fighting it out in court. She has transformed from a desk-bound sedentary person to an athletic mountain hiker and then mountain trail runner (including ultra-marathons), and then to mountain trail racer, beginning at age 56. With over 35 years of civil litigation, business, and dispute resolution experience, Rande Sotomayor takes a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to helping people solve problems and conflicts. Tenacious, intuitive, and with exceptional ability to perceive and manage the emotional component of any conflict, Rande’s approach delivers consistently excellent results.

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