Los Angeles Pursuit

A cyclist lost his life in a violent accident that began with a police pursuit of a robbery suspect. The collision occurred after 6 a.m. when LAPD officers began following a person they believed was involved in a robbery at 48th and Central Streets. Officers attempted to stop the driver, but they continued, triggering a brief pursuit that spanned several blocks within the same neighborhood. As the driver attempted to flee from the police, the suspect vehicle struck a cyclist who was in the area of 45th and Hooper Avenue, but continued onward. "[The suspect's car] struck several other vehicles and eventually overturned at 45th and Hooper Street," said LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar. The suspect managed to exit the overturned vehicle and attempted to flee on foot until officers apprehended them. Because several parked cars were damaged in the pursuit, a neighbor questioned the necessity of the pursuit in a high-density area. "They want to catch them... but it's not easy here, so they should do something about it, not pursue them," said César Martínez, a witness. The LAPD detective explained that an investigation was underway to determine exactly what happened before the crash. "It's a decision based on circumstances, the seriousness of the crime," Aguilar said. "I don't even know for sure if they were backing off, how close they were, they didn't collide with the suspect vehicles or any other vehicles."  
Location: Hooper Ave. & E 45th St, Los Angeles, CA 90011, USA
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