Drivers in Arkansas had a "cheese-tastic" excuse for being late to work. As confirmed by PEOPLE, cans of nacho cheese spilled onto Interstate 30 in Arkansas after a semi-truck accident. The Arkansas Department of Transportation originally posted about the unexpected disaster on Facebook on August 1st. "Taco Tuesday, anyone?" the caption read. "A truck carrying cans of nacho cheese spilled today on I-30 West near Prescott. Everything is cleared up now and traffic is moving." The post was accompanied by images of the spill, including close-up shots that showed hundreds of cans (the exact number of spilled products hasn't been specified) with cheese pouring out of them. The overturned truck can be seen in the background of the disaster. A second photo shows an aerial view of the highway with all the cans cleared away, but traces of cheese can still be seen on the road. Commenters had fun with cheesy wordplay in the Facebook post's comments. "A spill on the road that's nacho-normal. It certainly isn't the best cheese scenario. Luckily, everything is cleared up and it's no longer your problem. (I'll see myself out) 🧀🧀🧀," one person commented on the Facebook post. Another commenter wrote, "Mmm, get the chips." In 2022, there were a plethora of food spills on highways across the country. In September, a semi-truck carrying boxes of Coors Light crashed on Interstate 75, about 30 miles from Tampa, spilling beer cans all over the road, according to a statement from the Florida Highway Patrol. That disaster took a bit longer to clean up than the cheese. Vehicles and beer debris took nearly six hours to clear before the road was completely reopened. Fortunately, the truck driver reported only minor injuries. A truck carrying Bertolli alfredo sauce also spilled on a highway in Memphis, and a vehicle carrying tomatoes crashed and dropped hundreds of pounds of tomatoes on a California highway. Originally posted at Liga Legal®